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Farm to Fork

CASNR MOOC - From Farm to Fork: A Panoramic View of Agriculture

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You know what happens between the grocery store and the fork, but what about the farm and the fork?


Farm to Fork: A Panoramic View of Agriculture is an online journey connecting agricultural science and your food. Go on a virtual tour of a dairy, swine, and beef farm. Study how farm practices impact the environment. Learn how modern livestock techniques impact the well-being of farm animals. Visit the DNA analysis labs that help keep food safe. Tour the soil test laboratories helping farmers apply the optimal amount of fertilizer. Visit a century-old experiment linking fertilizers to crop yields. Think critically about the impact of local food on the local economy. Do all of this and more in one online course to gain a panoramic view of agriculture—from the farm, to the fork.


Course Format

The topics are separated into six modules, with the first module focusing on a host of dairy issues, and the other modules covering other livestock species, the places we buy food, modern chemical fertilizers, pesticide use, genetically modified organisms, the industrialization of agriculture, and the role of politics and culture in food today.

Each module contains a collection of short, engaging videos, and short readings from external articles as well as articles written specifically for the class.

After virtual farm tours, questions from students will be taken and answered in a subsequent video in what are called “virtual office hours.”

Students will periodically be asked to take pictures of agriculture and food related items and upload them to Wikimedia Commons, and will be asked to participate in forums to discuss their thoughts on some of the more controversial issues.

All material is accompanied with online quiz questions students can answer as they watch videos or read articles. There will be three online tests, each covering two modules. Participation points will also be awarded for remarks added to forums and uploaded pictures.


About the Instructor

Dr. Bailey Norwood

Dr. F. Bailey Norwood
Professor of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University

A South Carolina native, Norwood dreamed of living in a state like Oklahoma where many others roped cattle and competed in rodeos. After receiving degrees from Clemson, Kansas State, and North Carolina State University, he got that chance. Since 2003 Norwood has taught undergraduate classes in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University. He also has a research appointment where he studies consumer preferences for food and controversial agricultural subjects like farm animal welfare. Though he has forty journal article publications, he is most fond of his textbook, his book Compassion, by the Pound, his novel, and his forthcoming book, Agricultural Controversies.

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