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Internship Information

Internship Information

All students in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources are encouraged to complete at least one internship experience prior to graduation, and some areas of study require internship experiences as a part of their degree program.  For students with required internship experiences, enrollment in an internship course and earned academic credit for an internship experience is required.  However, for students having no internship requirements within their degree plan, academic credit is not required for internship experiences; these students may choose to enroll in an internship course and seek academic credit for an internship experience if doing so is in their best interest or is an employer requirement for the internship.  Students seeking academic credit for their internship experiences must visit with their individual academic advisor and enroll in the appropriate course for their area of study.

Majors Requiring Internship Experiences for Academic Credit

  • Agricultural Communications - AGCM 4300
  • Agricultural Education (student teaching) - AGED 4200
  • Agricultural Leadership - AGLE 4300
  • Horticulture - HORT 2010
  • Landscape Management - LA 3010

Additional Internship Courses for Majors without Internship Requirements

  • Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics - AGEC 3010
  • Animal Science - ANSI 4910
  • Biosystems Engineering - ENGR 2030 and ENGR 3030
  • Entomology - ENTO 4800
  • Environmental Science - ENVR 4010
  • Food Science - FDSC 4910
  • Landscape Architecture - LA 3010
  • Natural Resource Ecology and Management - NREM 4960
  • Plant and Soil Sciences - PLNT 4080
  • College-wide Internship Course - AG 3010

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