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Personalized Brand Solutions

Personalized Brand Solutions with Ferguson College of Agriculture Career Services.

On-Campus Involvement Opportunities

Career Education & Professional Development Activities

Throughout the academic year, we coordinates a variety of student career education and professional development programs. Industry representatives are frequently needed to assist as speakers, panelists, or judges for these activities. Typical programs include our annual Recent Alumni Panel, the Industry Perspectives Forum speaker series, Mock Interview Days, the Internship Exchange & Resume Gallery, Career Discovery Day, and the Oklahoma FFA Employment Skills Contest. If you or another representative of your organization are interested in helping, please contact our office at casnr@okstate.edu or 405-744-9464 to see where we may be able to plug you in as a contributor.

Classroom Involvement

Class Commercials are short, 5-10 minute time allotments at the very beginning or very end of a class, during which you may speak about your organization and its opportunities. Classroom commercials can give you a brief chance to place your organization within the attention of a targeted group of students in a specific class of interest. Professor for a Day opportunities provide an opportunity for you to work with a faculty instructor and identify and present a course-related lecture or activity during a specified single class meeting. Representatives engaged in the classroom in this manner provide invaluable real world insight to students enrolled in the class. Classroom Involvement requests are honored at the discretion of faculty instructors based upon individual course schedules. To allow sufficient time to coordinate recruitment itineraries, a minimum of three (3) weeks advance notice is required for all Classroom Involvement requests. Requests for Classroom Involvement may be submitted through the online OSU CASNR Employer Request Form.

Feature Nights

Feature Nights provide an opportunity for organizations to interact with students in a group setting to provide valuable information about your organization and its opportunities. Coordinated on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings, these sessions provide the chance for organizations to discuss organizational culture, specific positions, application processes, and other basic information, while also answering questions from prospective talent.

The best approach to hosting a successful Feature Night is to plan ahead. A minimum of three (3) weeks advance notice is required to fulfill Feature Night requests so that ample attention may be devoted to marketing your opportunity to students. Scheduling a Feature Night may easily be done by completing an online request using the OSU CASNR Employer Request Form.

On-Campus Interviews

Many employers choose to interview students during their trips to campus to attend career fairs, host feature nights, participate in alumni or advisory board activities, or at other times of convenience. Our team will gladly assist by reserving interview space in the OSU Career Services office, located in the Student Union, or within the Ferguson College of Agriculture, based upon your preference and for easy interview access and scheduling. Dependent upon your specific timeframe and needs, we can coordinate the interview sign-up process for you through the OSU Hire System, or we can simply provide a space for the interviews you have already scheduled on your own. Call our office at 405-744-9464 to get started.

Other On-Campus Connection Ideas:

We are willing to partner with you to devise the best strategy for you to build your brand and establish talent connections on our campus. Contact our office at 405-744-9464 to develop your personalized solutions for building innovative campus partnerships and intentional talent connections through activities such as:

  • Facilitating a workshop or guest speaker event on a key industry issue.
  • Sponsoring a student professional development activity or competition.
  • Hosting a social activity or a casual come-and-go spotlight event for students and/or faculty to feature your organization on campus.
  • Participating alongside students and/or sponsoring established campus events and activities, such as CASNR Roundup, CASNR Week, homecoming, student recruitment events, service projects, departmental and graduate seminars, and/or faculty development programs, and other activities.

Scholarship Donations

With increasing costs of higher education, establishing a scholarship program is another valuable way for an employer to gain campus recognition while also contributing to the preparation of future professionals. Employers interested in supporting scholarships for our students should contact Ms. Kathy McNally, Senior Director for Development, at 405.385.5606 or kmcnally@osugiving.com.

From-A-Distance Involvement Opportunities

Career ConnectionsLIVE

In person is not the only way to interact with students face-to-face. If you are interested in connecting with students in a group setting to provide information about your organization and its opportunities but you can’t physically make it to our Stillwater campus, Ferguson College of Agriculture Career Services will work with you to facilitate a Career ConnectionsLIVE event using a virtual platform. Scheduling a virtual C Career ConnectionsLIVE event may be done online through the OSU CASNR Employer Request Form. A minimum of three (3) weeks advance notice is required to fulfill Career ConnectionsLIVE requests.

The HIRE System – Job Postings & Resume Database

The HIRE System is OSU’s career opportunity search engine for students and alumni. Employers may post an unlimited number of jobs, co-ops or internships for viewing by current students and alumni. Through the Hire System you may also access and browse resumes of students and alumni actively engaged in the job/internship search process. If your organization has opportunities you would like to post or if you want to search student resumes, visit the employer menu at hireosugrads.com.

Host a Tour

As we strive to prepare students for the real world, a profound preparation strategy is to provide students the chance to observe and/or experience the real world environment. You can help create that chance to observe and experience by inviting a student group or class for a site tour of a business location or facility. If you are interested in hosting a student group or class, contact our office casnr@okstate.edu or 405-744-9464, and we will help you extend your invitation and coordinate plans with your target group or class.