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Ferguson College of Agriculture Commitments

In the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, we encourage our students to grow into individuals who seek to make a difference in their communities and contribute to a thriving future for the world. As a part of our CASNR Family, we challenge you to expand your mind and find your purpose while embracing the hallmarks of a CASNR education.

Commitments_InterculturalCompetence_Icon.png Intercultural competence is the development of inclusiveness and consideration to foster interactive relationships of mutual respect, learning and growth. Culture is made up of differences. From the size of your home community to your traditions, each of us has a different background and perspective. Building relationships among those who are different is important for working together in creating a positive future.

Commitments_Leadership_Icon.pngLeadership is the progression of abilities to collaborate with others and utilize personal strengths to accomplish common goals. As a part of the land grant mission, CASNR has the responsibility of developing leaders for local and global communities. True leaders integrate independence with interpersonal relationships. They use empathy in working with others and place value on purposeful change and social responsibility.

Commitments_Communication_Icon.pngEffective communication is the enhancement of skills for active listening and clear expression to others through multiple approaches. The foundation of human interaction is communication. We send and receive messages with others constantly through written, electronic and in-person words and actions. Effective communicators show respect for others and themselves through the way they both convey and attend to thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

Commitments_CriticalThinking_IconCritical thinking is cultivation of a capacity to make informed, intentional decisions and creatively solve problems in a rational manner. Life consists of opportunities, challenges, and decisions. Making effective decisions requires creating meaning from current knowledge and past experiences to evaluate innovative options for the present and future. Through decisions based upon critical thinking, we can creatively advance the multi-faceted interests of a global society.

Commitments_FinancialResponsibility_Icon.pngFinancial responsibility is the development of knowledge and skills necessary for successfully managing financial resources in one’s life. Being accountable for how you manage money impacts your future as well as those you lead in your personal and professional lives. Developing knowledge and skills in using financial resources supports sustainable economic and ethical decisions for a lifetime.