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An Exploration of Culture, Agriculture, and Science. A fantastic European Experience for all OSU students! May 23-31, 2020.

Course Highlights

  • Have a fully immersive Swiss cultural experience.
  • Enjoy a Swiss physician guided tour through a Swiss hospital
  • Learn the health benefits of public transportation
  • Visit with multiple Swiss student groups (e.g. theater, viticulture, and student government).
  • A trip to Lucene and the mountains.
  • Visit Roman ruins and hike a mountain
  • Enjoy a Swiss cooking experience.
  • View the incredible natural beauty of Switzerland everyday.
  • Surprises and experiences that will last a lifetime!

Course Options*

  • AG 3803: International Study Tour in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources: Switzerland (3 credit hours with I designation*)


*Undergraduate students at Oklahoma State University are required to take a class that carries an I designation for graduation purposes

Travel Dates

  • May 23-31, 2020


  • Please contact the instructor


Estimated Cost

Number of students    Travel costs total

  • 15                               $3,411
  • 12                               $3,537
  • 10                               $3,644
  • 7                                 $3,989
  • 5                                 $4,366

Costs include: Airfare, Hotel, 2 day trips, cooking

class, tickets to 3 attractions, week long tram pass,

all breakfasts and four group dinners.


Additional costs

  • $350-$500 for meals and expenses.
  • $897 for tuition and fees for AG 3803


(Contact the instructor(s) for payment dates)

Scholarships available

Application Deadline


(Applying online doesn’t necessarily commit you to go on the trip; the moment you usually commit is when payments are charged to your Bursar's account. Contact the instructor(s) for payment dates)


Dr. John Gustafson
246B Noble Research Center