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Student Technology Fees

CASNR Student Technology Fees

CASNR Student Technology Fees

Students enrolled in a CASNR course pay $7.50 per credit hour each semester for Student Technology Fees (STF). (Students enrolled in a horticulture class pay $12.00 per credit hour for lab fees.) This fee is used to fund technology that is used in the computer labs, CASNR and departmental classrooms.

Fees provide:

  • Smart boards
  • Printers
  • Computer software
  • Class responders (clickers)
  • Paper for computer labs
  • Wireless internet
  • Basic upkeep

The STF also pays for student lab monitors, technology support staff and CASNR faculty instructional technology needs. This fee enables CASNR to make necessary updates and improvements on technology that directly impact classroom and instructional activities.

Previous fee money has been used to provide cutting-edge technology and software throughout the college. This enables students to gain applied experience with new programs and equipment used in the industry. Improvements in classroom technology promote a higher quality learning environment for students. Upgrades mean better computers and printers for student use, as well as more available computers for CASNR students.

To learn more about other projects the STF has funded, please view the project page.

University Student Technology Fees

Oklahoma State University receives a student technology fee per credit hour each semester from each student. The fee is distributed among the colleges and to a central university fund. The fee is intended to support and enhance development of programmatic services for students. For more information on university student technology fees, visit the OSU Office of the Bursar website.

CASNR Student Technology Fee Committee

The STF Committee addresses technology needs of CASNR undergraduate and graduate students by identifying general computing needs and developing computing services. The committee reviews and recommends priorities, budget proposals, and expenditures. Committee members respond to suggestions from departments and administration by providing advice and direction on use of funds to the CASNR administration.

The committee represents the various groups that benefit from the student technology fee. Committee members are:

  • The Associate Dean of Academic Programs for the OSU Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • One faculty representative from each of the nine CASNR academic departments
  • One faculty representative from the interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences program
  • Two student representatives from each CASNR academic department and the Environmental Science program

The STF Committee meetings are open to all CASNR students, faculty, and support staff. Input and suggestions are always welcomed.

For more information

Megan Janus
CASNR Academic Programs Coordinator
157 Agricultural Hall