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Our Facility

The Bluestem Research Range is 700 acres of native range land (250 acres of introduced perennial grass and 450 acres of native tallgrass pasture) located seven miles west and two miles south of Stillwater. 
Various research projects related to beef cattle nutrition and efficient stocker cattle gains are conducted throughout the year.
The facility is located at 9414 West 44th Street, Stillwater, OK 74074.

About Us

Our Land

The range is managed with either rotational or season-long continuous stocking, and some deferred for winter grazing. Intensive pasture management practices (fertilizer, herbicide and fire) are applied to the introduced pastures. Extensive water developments in both native and introduced pastures allow accessibility to the entire forage base year-round.

Our Herd

The range has a stall barn with the capability to supplement up to 36 cows or stocker cattle. It has an extensive corral and covered cattle handling facility. Our cattle operation is representative of a commercial stocker cattle production facility.

Our Research

Research capabilities include supplementation studies with individual feeding to measure stocker performance, forage intake and utilization, diet quality, fiber degradation, precision supplementation, and grazing systems research.

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