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November 9, 2021

Dr. Rodney Holcomb discussed the latest news regarding small meat processing in Oklahoma. Viewers learned what has changed as well as proposed changes due to disruption of the food supply chain in 2020.



October 26, 2021

In this webinar, Dr. Brian Whitacre provided an overview of rural broadband in Oklahoma, including distinguishing between broadband availability and broadband adoption. Participants heard about recent rural broadband trends and policies that will impact rural broadband in the future. 



September 7, 2021

Livestock Extension Specialist, Dr. Derrell Peel discussed prospects for profitably grazing cattle on wheat pasture. He also discussed the latest information on the livestock market in this webinar.



August 17, 2021

Extension Specialist, Roger Sahs discussed land values for pasture and cropland in different regions of Oklahoma as found in a recently conducted survey. He also discussed the primary factors behind the agricultural land markets including commodity prices, farm earnings, interest rates, and credit conditions. Land Values Powerpoint slides.



July 13, 2021

In this webinar, Dr. Courtney Bir discussed how to evaluate a financial health review of a farm or ranch. Viewers hear how to use the balance sheet to better understand where an agribusiness stands financially at a certain point in time. Dr. Bir discussed a program to help producers complete balance sheets for those wanting to conduct a financial health review of their own farm or ranch. For more information, visit: E-Farm Management Training



June 8, 2021

Recent price activity in the wheat, corn, sorghum and soybean markets was discussed. In this webinar, Dr. Kim Anderson provided information pertaining to these relatively high prices and ways to capitalize on them.



May 18, 2021

Come hear the most recent research on land tenure and leasing crop and pasture land in Oklahoma. Extension Specialist Roger Sahs shared his insights into current conditions impacting landowners seeking to lease land and operators wanting to find more land resources for their operations. He shared information on leasing rates across the state as well as general information on creating a lease.



April 20, 2021

Extension Ag Policy Specialist, Amy Hagerman discusses the 'top off' of CFAP 1 & 2 payments and expanded pandemic relief from the 2021 Consolidated Budget Act from December and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Hear the latest update on Ag focused payments from recent legislation.



March 30, 2021

Assistant Extension Specialist, Sara Siems presents resources developed by a multi-state Extension team for rural retail and hospitality businesses impacted by COVID-19. Learn about social media best practices, digital marketing as well as tips for rebuilding a business.



February 16, 2021

Extension Economist Courtney Bir provides an update of COVID-19's ongoing impact on the Ag economy and on the wider state economy.



January 12, 2021

The wheat, corn, sorghum and soybean markets are discusses. In this webinar, Dr. Kim Anderson provides information pertaining to current grain stocks, planting intentions and prices.


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