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November 1, 2022

OSU Extension Farm Policy Specialist, Dr. Amy Hagerman provided viewers an update on current drought and disaster assistance programs that are available from the USDA, Oklahoma Emergency Drought Commission, and OSU Extension. In this webinar, viewers heard the latest news on these programs that may impact Oklahoma producers.

UDSA Drought and Disaster Assistance Programs


September 6, 2022

In this webinar, viewers learned from Extension Farm Management Specialist Dr. Courtney Bir as she discussed options and requirements for marketing and selling custom exempt meat direct to consumers. Come learn about this increasingly popular option for marketing farm and ranch production.

Direct to Consumer Marketing PowerPoint


August 9, 2022

Come hear the latest information on Oklahoma land values. Extension Specialist, Roger Sahs discussed land values for pasture and cropland in different regions of Oklahoma as found in a recently conducted survey. He also discussed the primary factors behind the agricultural land markets including commodity prices, farm earnings, interest rates, and credit conditions.

Current Oklahoma Pasture and Crop land values PowerPoint



July 19, 2022

Come hear Extension Ag Economist, Dr. Rodney Jones as he discussed the outlook for planting crops in the fall. Viewers heard a comparison of budgets for different crop options and opportunities as producers make their planting decisions.

Fall Crop Opportunities



June 28, 2022

In this webinar, Northwest Area Ag Economist Trent Milacek discussed opportunities for double cropping this year. Viewers heard budget numbers for a double crop as well as the market outlook for double crop options in Oklahoma.



May 10, 2022

In this program, Executive Director Mike Mayberry explained how the Ag Mediation Program can help you when you are in dispute with a neighbor, a lender, a creditor, the USDA or many others.  OAMP can even help with your family farm transition needs!



April 26, 2022

Come hear the most recent research on custom farm and ranch rates in Oklahoma. Join us, as Extension Specialist Roger Sahs shared his insights into current conditions impacting custom rates and the considerations that producers should follow when seeking custom operators as well as the principles operators should follow when setting rates for custom work. Custom Farm and Ranch Rates 2022



March 22, 2022

In this webinar, Extension Farm Management Specialist Dr. Hannah Shear looked at cow-calf production efficiency, including technical efficiency, input efficiency, scale efficiency, and profit drivers. She also discussed retaining calves longer as stockers in efforts to improve efficiency along with the importance of managing labor and feed costs. Profit Drivers in Cow-Calf Production pdf file.



February 22, 2022

It may seem hard to believe but for the first time in modern history many of our workplaces now have four (and in many agricultural spaces, five!) generations working together. What challenges and opportunities do generational differences create in the workplace? This webinar helps you understand the values and expectations of each generation, with a focus on the newest arrival to the scene - Generation Z - in order to better appreciate and understand the unique strengths each generation brings to your organization. View the Generational Differences in the Workplace PowerPoint.



January 18, 2022

If keeping better farm or ranch financial records is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then this webinar is for you. Join us as Extension Farm Management Specialist Dr. Courtney Bir covers ways to organize and maintain financial records to better use them for managing your operation. Dr. Bir will also discuss an Extension program that can help producers gain insight from their farm financial records. View the Keeping Better Financial Records PowerPoint



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