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Rules and Guidelines

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General Rules

  1. Poster session is open to all post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students, and will have separate categories.
  2. Students may be registered in only one category (undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral).
  3. For graduate students and post docs presenting in both the oral and poster competitions the presented data must be different.  
  4. Presentations must be over research in the biological sciences. 
  5. Awards will be presented to top presenters in both oral and poster competitions and to top undergraduate poster presenters. 
  6. Presenters may place in only one competition: If a presenter places in two competitions they will be asked which prize they wish to be awarded. 
  7. Acceptance of abstracts may be limited due to time and space constraints. 
  8. Decisions over acceptance of abstracts will be made by the BMBGSA Symposium Committee and will take into consideration date of submission and content of the provided abstract.
  9. Submission of abstracts opens August 23rd.
  10. Deadline for submission is October 29th.
  11. Applicants will be notified if their abstract was accepted no later than October 31st.
  12. Judging requirements are provided upon request, but the Judges will remain anonymous until after the symposium. 
  13. All judges’ decisions are final.


Poster Presentation Rules

  1. Size: 36” (height) x 48” (width) maximum, with an accompanying video.  
    1. Videos must be 10 minutes long or under and explain components of the poster. Videos will be uploaded to YouTube by the presenter. These may be unlisted or public only.
    2. Poster presentations are going to be conducted in a similar manner to the ASBMB online symposium. See the link below for ideas on making your poster and video.
    3. The link to the YouTube video will be submitted to the BMBGSA symposium committee for approval.
    4. This link must be submitted on or before November 2. Instructions on link submission will be provided following abstract acceptance. 
  2. Poster presenters will be required to attend a question session, to be held over slack or Zoom. (TBD) Presenters must attend their respective question sessions to be considered for awards.  


Oral Session Rules

  1. Presenters are limited to 15 minutes (10 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions), and will not receive additional time. 
  2. Presentations must be conducted over Zoom. PowerPoint will be used for the presentation visuals. Presenters will share their screens and present from their personal computers. 



  1. Award values are contingent upon funding and donations. 
  2. Awards will be announced over Zoom on the final day of the Symposium. 
  3. Award values will be determined no later than November 19, 2021. 
  4. Awards will be distributed using the Oklahoma State University Bursar system. 
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