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Greeshma Srejeesh

graduate student greeshma srejeesh

I am a graduate student under the guidance of Dr. Jungpeng Deng. My core research work is on protein- nucleic acid interaction studies and their structural identification using X-ray crystallography that helps to elucidate the mechanism involved in various infectious diseases. I always had an interest in Biology and computers. I completed my education from India. I did my bachelors in Zoology. Later knowing the vast potential of computers in solving the problems of life sciences, inspired me to pursue a masters in Bioinformatics and then in Cheminformatics. As a part of my dissertation, I did work related to In-Silico studies of Phenanthridine derivatives as novel Topoisomerase-I targeting agent. This work focused on molecular modeling and docking studies of a Phenanthridine derivatives, which are potent anti-tumor inhibitors that serve as novel Topoisomerase-1 targeting agents from Madras University, India. I worked in life science industry for a few years in Novel proteins, Biosimilars and Monoclonal Antibodies. The work mainly focused on purification of different proteins using different modes of chromatography. As I always had an interested in research that offers a challenging growth in science as well as in computational science, with time I believed that core research will enhance a way to think in a different dimension that helps to explore and attain deep insight into biology and that led me to pursue my higher studies. Oklahoma State University, where there are no limits for research opportunity, I am fortunate to be here, on a platform with great challenges to learn and explore and to fulfill my longtime dream of becoming a better professional with improved skills and knowledge. Apart from research I am passionate about dancing, enjoy music and playing keyboard, and love to travel and explore.

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