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Jeremy Sabo

Graduate Student Jeremy Sabo

I am a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Rita Miller. My research aims to understand the impact that microgravity has on post translational modification (PTM). My primary PTM focus is SUMOylation and its role in direct protein interaction to modulate proteins function and to drive phase separation (condensate) activity. I use the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organism to investigate SUMOylation in simulated microgravity. This is accomplished using genetic engineering, western blot, mass spectroscopy, bioinformatics, and microscopy. While attending school to obtain my A.S. in Biotechnology and B.S. in Biochemistry, I was employed at a machine shop as a lead machinist. I worked for 10 years before the full transition to a full-time scientist. I have been involved in research every semester, including summers, since 2009. The research I have been involved in ranges broadly from genetic analysis of Oklahoma native plants, combinational drug therapy on cancer cells with p27 mutation, shifts in metabolism using chlorophyll derivatives and light in mammalian cells, and an analytical chemistry internship at Marshall Brewing. This internship involved setting up a Quality Assurance/Quality Control lab from the ground up while also developing techniques to be used in the new brewing certificate program at the University of Tulsa. It was through this experience that I found an appreciation for the ease and functionality of working with yeast. I have been a teaching assistant for several classes including Organic Chemistry 1 & 2, Energy Technology for the Future, Survey of Biochemistry, and Chemical Applications of Biochemistry. So, if you have any nerdy questions, feel free to ask me. I have also served as president of the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Student Association for two years, participated in a OSU Argentine Tango class and performance in Spring 2019, enjoy regularly doing yoga, and have participated in 10 runs of half marathon distance or longer (and yes, I am one of those people who wears running shoes every day).

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