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Juhi Chaturvedi

Graduate Student Juhi Chaturvedi

I am a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Junpeng Deng. My research focuses on the structural identification of the interaction between Myxoma virus proteins and a human protein. To study this we use a technique called X-ray crystallography. This research will help us in understanding the functions of the proteins that are involved in various biological pathways and its relation to human diseases for example cancer. I have completed my bachelors and masters degree in Biotechnology from India. As a part of my dissertation masters project I was working on production and immobilization of enzyme lipase in Bhabha Atomic Research Center in India. I spent 8 years working on the development of biosimilar and monoclonal antibodies. The research project I was working on focused on the cloning, cell culture and bioassay development. During that time I realized the importance of a core research and decided to pursue my higher studies. At OSU, I am bestowed with a responsibility of being a vice president of BMBGSA. Apart from my research, I enjoy dancing and have been a part of the Indian Student Association.

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