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Rita Flores

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I am a graduate student under Dr. Peter Hoyt pursuing my PhD. My research mainly revolves around an antibiotic resistant bacterium called Elizabethkingia anophelis. This bacterium has unusual attributes which led to a nosocomial outbreak in 2016. I utilize several bioinformatic techniques to help characterize this unique strains of E. anophelis. I enjoy the challenge of analyzing large amounts of genomic or proteomic data and finding the pattern or correlation that completes the puzzle and answers whatever question I was investigating. My college career started with Computer Science and Animal Science; I completed my Master of Science in Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology from Texas A&M. I have five years of experience working in a very intense molecular biology lab where I had the opportunity to learn numerous diagnostic techniques. However, I find myself enjoying the research I can conduct in a dry lab over that needed in a wet lab. My background in computer science led me to the field of Bioinformatics and allowed me to quickly understand the programs and software created specifically for computational biology. I also learned how to trouble shoot, break down the source code of an executable program, and how to optimize bioinformatic software and protocols for my specific data. I hope to continue down this path and one day have a career conducting bioinformatic analysis.

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