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Welcome Back Students

Welcome back to campus on August 17, 2020. We are excited to provide as much face-to-face opportunities and classes as social distancing and other Coronavirus guidelines will provide. This past spring, we were thrilled to announce the graduation of four entomology undergraduate majors; Liam Whiteman, Shane Sellers, Nick Godfroid, and Riley Yates. We also had four M.S. graduates this past spring and summer; Brett Johnson, Andrea Salazar Aguirre, Michael Caballero, and Grace Levy, and one Ph.D. Plant Pathology graduate, Lizbeth Pena Zuniga.


Our Extension team (Co-coordinators – Drs. John Damicone and Tom Royer) within the department, in addition to Dr. Mike Schnelle (Horticulture and Landscape Architecture) successfully presented and recorded an Invasive Species Conference on line for County Educators and our recruitment team for our undergraduate program in entomology was once again successful in attracting more than 20 new majors. This marks the ninth year in a row for double digit enrollment in our undergraduate major.


In spite of the Pandemic, we have diagnosed and provided recommendations for a record number of insect and plant disease problems (total of over 4,400) thanks to the diligence of our Plant Disease and Insect Diagnostics Laboratory (PDIDL); Jen Olson, Charlie Konemann, Sara Wallace and Zach Royko.


We are saddened about the departure of Professor, Dr. Carla Garzon, Plant Pathology Soil Disease Specialist, who will begin a new position in Pennsylvania at Delaware Valley University. She will be an Endowed Professor of Plant Science. Dr. Garzon was an excellent addition to our faculty and produced several excellent graduates for our plant pathology department. She will be sorely missed. She will remain associated with the department as an Adjunct Professor

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