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Study Abroad Course in Panama

An Exploration of Entomology, Conservation, Pest Eradication and Environmental Issues

A welcome sign to Panama


Course Learning Outcomes

Academic approach to studying entomology, conservation, pest eradication and environmental issues, including air and water pollution, invasive species, disease transmission, deforestation and global change in Panama through a study abroad experience.



  • Develop an understanding and success of the control practices implemented at the USDA-COPEG (Commission for the Eradication and Prevention of Screwworms) and why Panama is home to the barrier maintenance program.
  • Examine the conservation practices implemented/studied within Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute on Barro Colorado Island and Metropolitan National Park in Panama City.
  • Discuss the history of construction of the Panama Canal and how an insect-transmitted disease impacted its construction.



Total Cost $2,699
Ferguson College of Agriculture Study Abroad Course Tuition  $897
Course Program Fee (includes round-trip airfare, health and safety fee, most meals, transportation and hotels) $1,500
Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) Insurance* $102
Personal Expenses and Incidentals** $200

*Covers Ferguson College of Agriculture Study Abroad Course Tuition and Course Program Fee.

**Not covered by CFAR and may vary by student preference.


Course Enrollment Options

AG 3803 International Study Tour in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources: Panama (3 credit hours with I designation*)


ENTO 5020 Special Problems (3 credit hours)


*Undergraduate students at Oklahoma State University are required to take a class that carries an I designation as part of their degree plan.

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