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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Department of Agricultural Economics Extension Programs

Ag Policy and Law

Educational materials on Federal and Oklahoma policies and laws that affect agriculture and rural America, primarily farm bill programs.

Agribusiness & Cooperative Management

Welcome to the Bill Fitzwater Endowed Cooperative Chair page provides access to information and educational material relating to the cooperative form of business. It provides easy access to informational resources at Oklahoma State University and from other sources.

Community & Economic Development

The goals of the Community Development program are to support economic development and to provide quality community services at affordable costs. The programs include community and economic development, community services and infrastructure, and local government education. 

County Government Training Program

OSU Extension’s County Government Training Program helps county government officers and their staffs learn how to perform mandated duties more effectively, efficiently and with greater knowledge and awareness.

Crop Marketing & Risk Management

A page dedicated to market analysis, risk management strategies, program forms, and more.

Farm Management & Finance

Farm management functions are generally described as planning, implementation and control.

Livestock Economics

OSU agricultural economists help develop, deliver and lead a variety of beef educational programs through interdisciplinary teamwork. 

Natural Resources

Agricultural economists specializing in natural resources study problems related to land use, water conservation, energy, wildlife management, outdoor recreation and environmental regulations. 

Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program

The overall objective of the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program (OALP) is to further develop future leaders for Oklahoma agriculture.

Rural Economic Outlook Conference

Producers, lenders, and policy-makers seeking to gain insight into the rural agricultural economy and make more informed decisions will be interested in attending the Rural Economic Outlook Conference. This annual one day conference features outside keynote speakers plus OSU faculty.

Rural Library Hotspot Lending Program

OSU Extension partners with select public libraries to enhance broadband access to residents in some of the state’s more rural areas. Each library receives multiple hotspot devices with unlimited data for a full year. 

Solid Waste Management

Almost all human activities leaves behind some kind of waste. This waste if not properly managed will negatively affect air and water quality thus leaving behind huge health hazards to solve, which can be costly. 

Tax Schools

The mission of the Oklahoma State University Tax Schools is to provide a quality and high valued tax education. 

Extension Resources

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The Department of Agricultural Economics provides an ongoing webinars series and supplemental PowerPoint presentations covering a wide variety of Extension related topics and programming.

A mobile view of OSU Extension fact sheets.


Department of Agricultural Economics Publications Database OSU Extension Fact Sheets
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