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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Grant Overview

In this project, we aim to determine the effects of management of beef x dairy crossbred steers for beef production on economic and environmental sustainability and educate beef producers on best management practices of these calves to improve rural economic competitiveness.
Long-Term Goals
To provide foundational best management practices for beef producers to improve health and welfare, production efficiency, and meat production from beef x dairy crossbred steers leading to improved economic competitiveness of rural economies and economic resiliency of beef and dairy farms.


Select a category below to learn more about the impact of management of composite beef x dairy crossbreds on economic and environmental sustainability of beef production.


Hear from Industry and Extension experts on beef x dairy management practices.

Scientific Writings

Peer-reviewed publications and abstracts and presentations on current research results.

Economics of Agricultural Dairy/Beef Systems

Economic background on dairy-only and beef-only systems.

Animal Management

Care and handling of cattle.


Programs and tools.

Finishing Systems

Compares types of finishing systems.


Genetic considerations for crossbreeding beef x dairy cattle.

Marketing & Consumer Products

Marketing opportunities for beef x dairy cattle.

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