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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Delta Nu Alpha

Delta Nu Alpha (The Biochemistry Club) is a small social club for Biochemistry undergraduate students. Each year the club participates in philanthropic events such as "Into the Streets" and "Relay for Life." We also organize trips in the Fall that correlate with student career plans for the major. We work in conjunction with the BMBGSA (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Student Association) by inviting speakers to present their research.


Students of Osteopathic Rural Medicine (StORM) is a community of pre-med students who want to serve the rural community. This club supports and mentors each other throughout the challenges of a pre-med student and prepares each other for medical school. Members of this group have the opportunity to meet with current Oklahoma State Osteopathic medical students and to learn about the medical school admissions process and students’ experience in medical school. The StORM club has participated in numerous campus-wide events such as homecoming, Ferguson College of Agriculture week, and “Into the Streets”. Coming together for these events, StORM club members are not only supporting the Stillwater community and OSU, but they get to connect with like-minded and dedicated pre-medical students. In the future, StORM plans on furthering the connection with undergraduate and medical students, while also helping with Oklahoma’s rural communities.


International Genetically Engineered Machine, also known as iGEM, is a newly founded research club at Oklahoma State University that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of synthetic biology and finding innovative ways to tackle real world problems. Synthetic biology is a relatively new, up-and-coming field of science that involved redesigning microorganisms for useful purposes by genetically engineering them to have new abilities. Utilizing this power of nature can allow researchers to solve issues in areas such as medicine, agriculture, manufacturing and more. For more information concerning meeting times, upcoming events or how to become an iGEM team member, please contact the club president. 

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