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Natural Resource Ecology & Management offers teaching labs to students to provide instruction, research and opportunity in their respective field. The labs offered are listed below.


Ecohydrology & Ecosystem Sciences Lab

Our research focuses primarily on understanding the ecohydrological interactions among the anthropogenic-induced changes and the hydrologic processes at different spatial and temporal scales. Contact Dr. Chris Zou for more information.


The Freshwater Community Ecology Lab

Our research applies concepts from community ecology, population biology, and landscape ecology to inform the conservation of freshwater systems.


Lonsinger Wildlife Ecology & Management Lab

Members of the Lonsinger Lab conduct wildlife research that advances our understanding of ecological processes and can be applied by managers to improve wildlife conservation and management.


Loss Lab of Global Change Ecology & Management

Our research focuses on multiple aspects of global change ecology and management, including urban ecology, invasion biology, disease ecology, and human-caused wildlife mortality.


O'Connell Lab

Applying principles of landscape ecology to advance conservation of native wildlife.


Shoup Fisheries Management & Fisheries Ecology Lab

Our lab provides instruction and conducts research in the areas of freshwater fisheries management and fish ecology.


Wood Composite Laboratory

The laboratory is used to develop various types of wood composite panels such as particleboard and fiberboard, primarily from under-utilized species in Oklahoma and mid-south region and evaluate their physical and mechanical properties.

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