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Dr. Michael Kenna served as an OSU Extension turfgrass specialist from 1985-1990 after earning both his master’s and doctoral degrees at OSU. He has been a leading researcher with the U.S. Golf Association for three decades.


Kenna has helped identify high-priority research areas and millions of dollars in funding sources that have benefitted OSU students. In addition to winning support from the USGA, he has worked with the National Turfgrass Federation to get the U.S. Department of Agriculture to appropriate more turfgrass research money. The resulting work – often engaging other universities across the country – has produced grasses with improved disease and drought tolerances, as well as varieties suited for playing surfaces such as football fields. His latest work focuses on pollinators on golf courses.


Read more about Dr. Michael Kenna's road to receiving the 2020 Distinguished Alumni award.

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