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Raymond Campbell of Stillwater, Oklahoma, is a two-time graduate of OSU, receiving his bachelor’s degree in animal husbandry and master’s degree in horticulture. He has spent a career in Extension serving as a county educator, faculty specialist, Oklahoma Gardening television host, interim department head in OSU’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, and assistant director of agriculture and rural development programs and associate director for OSU Extension.


During Campbell’s time as host of Oklahoma Gardening, he was the third-most recognizable person on campus, ahead of the OSU president at that time.


Justin Quetone Moss, horticulture and landscape architecture department head, nominated Campbell for the distinguished award and praised his dedication and creativity during his career.


“In addition to Dr. Campbell’s influence on horticulture and gardening in the Division and in our state, he was an excellent leader for OSU Extension,” Moss wrote in his nomination statement. “He was not only a leader in the Division, but also served many leadership roles nationally during his time as associate director for OSU Extension.”


In retirement, Campbell continues to give back to OSU Agriculture by serving as an ambassador for The Botanic Garden and volunteering numerous hours each year, as well as his philanthropic and civic activities throughout the community.

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