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AECL faculty, students present research, earn awards at National AAAE Research Conference

Friday, June 5, 2020


The Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Education Communications and Leadership (AECL) faculty and students recently participated in the National American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) Conference.


This year the AAAE Conference was held via an online videoconference platform due to the threat of COVID-19. These circumstances did not discourage AECL faculty and students from being highly involved in this year’s research conference.


The Oklahoma State University AECL faculty and students brought home seven national awards and had nearly thirty entries including research papers, research posters and innovative idea posters.


The Oklahoma State University AECL leadership are incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication by so many of OSU AECL faculty and students.



  • Shane Robinson inducted as an AAAE Fellow
  • Dwayne Cartmell named the Distinguished Agricultural Communications Educator
  • Chris Eck earned the Distinguished Dissertation Award (Shane Robinson, Advisor) This is the 3rd time Dr. Robinson has advised a Distinguished Dissertation Award winner, more than anyone in our profession.
  • Chris Eck, Shane Robinson, Ki Lynn Cole, Robert Terry Jr., & Jon W. Ramsey earned Distinguished Paper (one of five) and the Outstanding Paper Award
  • Lauren Cline, Penny Pennington Weeks & Haley Rosson earned the 2nd Runner-Up Journal of Agricultural Education Article of the Year Award

Research Papers

  • Validation of the Effective Teaching Instrument for School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers
    Christopher J. Eck, J. Shane Robinson, Ki Lynn Cole, Robert Terry Jr. & Jon W. Ramsey
  • Examining the Social Properties of Oklahoma Agricultural Facebook Pages: A Quantitative Content Analysis
    Audrey E. H. King & Quisto Settle
  • Cultivating Identity, Sowing Relationships, Fertilizing Success, and Harvesting Coexistence: Understanding Oklahoma Producer Identity and Relationships Audrey E. H. King & Quisto Settle
  • Breaking the Cycle: A Narrative Synthesis of Women's Experience in Postsecondary Agricultural and Extension Education
    Lauren Lewis Cline, Penny Pennington Weeks & Haley Rosson
  • What college students know about food security: Implications for agricultural education Cammie G. Weaver & William G. Weeks
  • SBAE Student Teachers’ Sense of Importance and Competence per Selected National Quality Program Standard Indicators: A Then-Now Borich Needs Assessment
    Jessica M. Toombs & Jon W. Ramsey
  • Mentoring Impacts on [State] Induction-year School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers: A Delphi study
    Jessica M. Toombs & Jon W. Ramsey
  • Agricultural Education Student Teachers' Curricular Needs Regarding the National AFNR Career Pathways
    Snider, C., Robinson, J. S., Edwards, M. C. & Terry, Jr. R., Jr.
  • Barriers to Volunteering with the [State] 4-H Program: A Delphi Study
    Taylor Harbuck, Jon W. Ramsey, Kevin Allen & Jeffrey A. Sallee

Innovative Idea Posters

  • Equipping Students to Address Wicked Problems in Rural Communities: The Development of a Rural Scholars Program
    J. S. Robinson, Tyson, E. Ochsner, Paul Weckler & Mark Woodring
  • Microsoft Suite for Future Agricultural Educators: Weekend Short Course
    Kathryn Teixeira, Ruth Inman & Robert Terry, Jr.
  • Professional Development for Social Science Agriscience Fair CDE Projects
    Jessica M. Toombs, Kathryn L. Teixeira, Robert Terry, Jr., J. Shane Robinson & Jon W. Ramsey
  • Purposeful STEM Integration in Agricultural Teacher Preparation at Oklahoma State University
    Christopher J. Eck, Haley Kinney & J. Shane Robinson
  • Purposeful Video Reflection: A Program-Wide Swivl Adoption
    Christopher J. Eck, Jessica M. Toombs & Jon W. Ramsey
  • Solving Problems in Agricultural Education, Communications, and Leadership through Undergraduate Research: A Mentoring Opportunity for Doctoral Students
    Audrey E. H. King & Lauren Lewis Cline
  • Two birds, one post: Social media management as a class project and departmental communication tool
    Brynn Darby, Tess Scott & Ruth Inman
  • Using project management software for team-based projects
    Peyton Haley & Ruth Inman

Research Posters

  • A Brief Account of Native American Agriculture and the U.S. Government (USG): Promises Made, Kept, and Unfulfilled: A Retelling of America's Story
    Suzanne D. Jacques, & M. Craig Edwards
  • Assessing How Agritourism Operators Make Promotional Decisions
    Bree Kisling, Audrey King, & Quisto Settle
  • Assessing the Importance and Competence of Undergraduate Agricultural Education Students Related to Teaching Sustainable Bioenergy
    Christopher J. Eck & J. Shane Robinson
  • Assessing the Lesson Plan Quality of Student Teaching Interns
    Jeff Whisenhunt, J. Shane Robinson, Jon W. Ramsey, Jim Key, Ki L. Cole, & Christopher J. Eck
  • Communicative Functions of California Ag Teacher Facebook Group
    Kathryn Teixeira, Ruth Inman, & Robert Terry, Jr.
  • Evaluating a Teacher Recruitment Program: Boom or Bust?
    Jessica M. Toombs & Dr. Jon W. Ramsey
  • Filling the Gap: A Case Study of an Emergency Certified Oklahoma SBAE Teacher
    Jessica M. Toombs, Rebecca Mott & Robert Terry, Jr.
  • Self-Efficacy of Oklahoma SBAE Teachers in Introductory Animal Science Standards
    Nicole Stevens, Jessica M. Toombs, J. Shane Robinson & Robert Terry, Jr.
  • Social Network Analysis of Prominent Communicators of Agricultural and Natural Resources Issues
    Audrey Ochsner, Quisto Settle & Audrey E. H. King
  • Tapping into Communities: Examining Oklahoma Craft Breweries Role in Communities
    Cara Jolly, Audrey E. H. King & Quisto Settle
  • What Influences AECL Students’ Choice of Major? It's Not What You Think!
    Katherine Bezner, Bree Elliott, Kane Kinion, Lauren Lewis Cline & Audrey E. H. King
  • Who Posts the Most? A Descriptive Analysis of the Prolific Authors of California Ag Teacher Facebook Group
    Kathryn Teixeira, Ruth Inman & Robert Terry, Jr.
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