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2022 National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Critique and Contest Results

Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Education Communications and Leadership’s agricultural communications students were honored for their achievements during the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Critique and Contest at #AgMediaSummit2022 in Raleigh, NC. 


The ACT Critique and Contest is the national communications and journalism competition for ACT members. This contest allows students the opportunity to have their work analyzed by professionals and judged against members across the nation. The categories include writing, publication, electronic media, photography, design & layout, and public relations.


The OSU AGCM honors are listed as follows:


Writing Award of Excellence

  • Macy Shoulders, “Pryor, Oklahoma, to Pro Rodeo Announcer”


Short Feature Story

  • 1st – Hunter Gibson, “Engineering a Legacy”
  • 2nd – Andrea Sisson, “Riding for Safety”


Long Feature Story

  • 3rd – Macy Shoulders, “She Brews Change”
  • 4th – Sydney Miller, “No Horsing Around”


Short Personality Story

  • 4th – Braeden Coon, “Swagger with a Side of Swine”


Long Personality Profile

  • 1st – Macy Shoulders, “Pryor, Oklahoma, to Pro Rodeo Announcer”
  • 2nd – Audrey Ochsner, “Something to Offer”


Research-related Writing

  • 1st – Caley Mayo, “Research Writing: Pecans”


Design & Layout Award of Excellence

  • Abigail Anderson, “Football and Ferguson”


Page Layout

  • 1st – Abigail Anderson, “Football and Ferguson”
  • 2nd – Allison Lollis, “World Traveler Turned Cowboy”
  • 3rd – Sarah Henderson, “A Unique Welcome Home”
  • 4th – Kaylyn Branen, “A Site for New Opportunities Layout”
  • 5th – Madelyn Owens, “Ride for the Ranch”
  • 6th – Shadi Nettles McOsker, “Beyond the Bees”
  • 7th – Breanna Barker, “Preserving the Prairie”
  • 8th – Carli Eubank, “Beautifying Campus”
  • 9th – Sydney Miller, “No Horsing Around”


Poster or Flyer Design

  • 2nd – Kelsey Vejraska, “AGR Centennial Golf Tournament”


Logo Design

  • 2nd – Lauren Quinlan, “Work, Labor and Toil”


Advertisement Design

  • 1st – Audrey Ochsner, “Oklahoma State Farmhouse”
  • 2nd – Lauren Quinlan, “Production Partners”
  • 3rd – Kelsey Vejraska, “Oklahoma FFA Association”


Web Design

  • 1st – Andrea Sewell, “Andrea Dawn Imaging”
  • 3rd – Kaylyn Branen, “Deep Fork Foods Website”


Scenic Photo

  • 1st – Braeden Coon, “Clamming in Ocean Waters”
  • 2nd – Hunter Gibson, “Scorching Sunset”
  • 3rd – Wade Yoder, “Pawnee Grasslands”
  • 5th – Molly Faught, “Scenic Schoolhouse”
  • 6th – Megan Fragasso, “Sunrise on the Lake”
  • 7th – Blair Cupps, “Early Morning Sunrise”


People Photo

  • 6th – Kelsey Vejraska, “Sweet Senior”
  • 8th – Braeden Coon, “Seeing Double”


Animal Photo

  • 2nd – Maddie Jo Neuschwander, “SWOK Longhorn”
  • 3rd – Andrea Sisson, “Summer Graze”


Plant Photo

  • 5th – Sydney Trainor, “Beautiful Nuisance”
  • 6th – Haley Fair, “Raindrop”


Food Photo

  • 1st – Caley Mayo, “Pie Anyone?
  • 2nd – Amarie Griffeth, “High Steaks”
  • 4th – Molly Faught, “Pop Rock (Lollipop)”


Other Photo

  • 5th – Wade Yoder, “OSU Vests Yoder”
  • 7th – Molly Faught, “Colored Air in Utah”
  • 8th – Maddie Jo Neuschwander, “Rodeo Cowboy”


Black and White Photo

  • 2nd – Andrea Sisson, “Fit for a Champion”
  • 3rd – Baylee Hogan, “Fraternity Men Photoshoot in Black and White”
  • 4th – Lauren Quinlan, “Reflecting on a Legacy
  • 6th – Kelsey Vejraska, “HRC Feedyards”
  • 7th – Braeden Coon, “Power in the Pedal”


Photo Series

  • 1st – Kelsey Vejraska, “Holy Smoke Pig Sale”
  • 4th – Abby George, “Story Brahman Ranch”
  • 5th – Reagan Glass, “The Cowgirl”
  • 6th – Shadi Nettles McOsker, “From Start to Finish”


Radio Package

  • 1st – Sydney Trainor, Julie Cullum and Lexie Harrell, “Trending Today – Hard Seltzers”


Short Video Package

  • 1st – Sydney Trainor, “Welcome to Central Illinois”
  • 2nd – Kaylyn Branen and Allison Lollis, “Undergraduate Researcher Hunter McConnell”
  • 3rd – Braeden Coon, “The Exposition Judges Introduction”


Public Relations Single Item

  • 1st – Lauren Quinlan, “Stillwater Milling Company: Postcard Advertising Series”


Publications Award of Excellence

  • Lauren Quinlan, “Stillwater Milling Company: More than a Feed Store”



  • 1st – Lauren Quinlan, “Stillwater Milling Company: More than a Feed Store”



  • 1st – Oklahoma State University, “Cowboy Journal V24 N2”


The OSU Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership in the Ferguson College of Agriculture is dedicated to developing well-rounded agricultural professionals, educators, communicators and leaders through academic, research and extension and outreach efforts. Learn more at

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