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AECL Students Present Research and Earn Awards at ACE Conference

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

STILLWATER, Okla. -- The Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership faculty and students were well represented at the recent Association for Communication Excellence virtual conference hosted June 21-23.


Students and faculty presented two posters, two papers, and two workshops at the conference, along with the submission of two manuscripts. 


Former doctoral student, Audrey King, received the Outstanding Research Proposal award for her manuscript titled “Exploring the Co-Creation of Land-Grant Brand Identity Amongst Faculty Members at Oklahoma State University.” Cara Jolly, former graduate student, was also recognized for receiving the Outstanding Thesis award titled “Untapped Potential: The Role of Oklahoma Craft Breweries Play in Communities.” 


Kelli Anderson, OSU AECL alumnae and agricultural communications specialist at North Dakota State University, was also recognized for being named an ACE Rising Star. The ACE Rising Star Award honors communicators, instructors, and researchers who demonstrate exceptional leadership and technical skills in their communication field, to their institution, and their service to ACE. 


Dr. Quisto Settle, AECL assistant professor, and Samantha Siler, OSU Ferguson College of Agriculture communications and marketing manager, presented a workshop showcasing the partnership between the AGCM video and audio class and the college of agriculture. The course, titled AGCM 3123 Audio and Video Storytelling in Agricultural Communications, allows students to partner with the Ferguson College of Agriculture to produce video projects that have the potential to be used as marketing material by the college on a nationwide scale. 


OSU AECL leadership is incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication of our faculty and students. The full list of research presentations are as follows:



Perception and Conceptualization of the Land-Grant Mission at a Land-Grant Institution

Audrey E. H. King & Quisto Settle; Oklahoma State University

How Agritourism Operators Make Marketing and Promotion Decisions 

Katelyn Miller, Quisto Settle, Audrey E. H. King, & Bree Kisling; Oklahoma State University



Going Local: Exploring Consumer Perceptions of Made in Oklahoma Coalition on Products and Why They Purchase Local Food

Bree Elliott, Quisto Settle, Joy Rumble, & Taylor Ruth; Oklahoma State University, The Ohio State University, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln


A Collective Case Study: Examining Successful State Farm Bureau Membership Programs

Katelyn Parsons, Shelly Peper Sitton, D. Dwayne Cartmell, & Jon W. Ramsey; Oklahoma State University



Conducting Online Focus Groups

Audrey E. H. King, Oklahoma State University and Anissa Zagone, University of Florida 

Fostering Collaboration Between a Communication Class and a Communication Office

Quisto Settle and Samantha Siler; Oklahoma State University


The OSU Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership in the Ferguson College of Agriculture is dedicated to developing well-rounded agricultural professionals, educators, communicators, and leaders through academic, research and extension and outreach efforts. Learn more at


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