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Faculty Spotlight – Andrea Jilling

Monday, December 21, 2020


Dr. Andrea Jilling joined the Plant and Soil Sciences team in 2019 as an Environmental Soil Chemist. Dr. Jilling’s work will fill critical needs in our research and teaching portfolios, and she will mentor students in our department and the Environmental Science program.


Dr. Jilling completed her undergraduate studies at McGill university on the Macdonald campus. She then attended the University of New Hampshire where she completed her Ph.D. in earth and environmental sciences.


In her job search, Dr. Jilling focused on finding a university that was driven by research.


“My research interests lie at the intersection of soil biochemistry, plant microbial ecology, and mineralogy,” Jilling said. “I examine how plant roots interact with both the living and non-living components of soil to influence nutrient availability.”


Dr. Jilling plans to bridge fundamental and applied research by studying soil-plant-microbe interactions within a broader framework of soil health and sustainable agriculture. Her teaching efforts focus on undergraduate and graduate courses in environmental soil chemistry.

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