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Graduate Student Passionate in Pursuing a Future of Teaching and Research

Friday, December 8, 2023

Mark Anthony Barbadillo earned his B.S. degree in Agriculture major in Soil Science at Visayas State University (VSU) in Baybay, Leyte, Philippines in 2017. After, he enrolled in a master’s program in soil science with a minor in tropical ecology at the same university and earned the degree in 2019. That same year, he was hired as an instructor in the Department of Soil Science at VSU, where he taught Principles of Soil Science, Soil and Soil Management, Soil Fertility, Management, and Conservation, and Earth Science courses for high school and environmental science students.


“I entered OSU in spring 2023, taking up a Ph.D. in Soil Science and specializing in Soil Physics,” Barbadillo said.


At Oklahoma State University, Barbadillo is working on several research projects. In the Oklahoma Panhandle, he conducts corn research with Dr. Sharma, and through his project, wants to compare the growth and yield performance of different corn hybrids under different levels of irrigation.


Future research Barbadillo plans to pursue with Dr. Ochsner will aim to develop a modelling approach to predict water table fluctuations using soil moisture data. Another future research project he has with Dr. Abit will assess how the changes in temperature affect the saturated hydraulic conductivity of medium-textured soils.

Barbadillo chose OSU because it provides a perfect environment for him to study and grow professionally.


“Also, I look good in orange,” he said.


Aside from being a student, Barbadillo also works as a teaching assistant, teaching Soil 2124 Laboratory.


“The idea that I can share what I’ve learned and experienced in graduate school with the students makes me passionate about what I’m doing,” he said.

As an international student, aside from learning, Barbadillo’s favorite part of graduate school is getting the chance to experience other cultures.


“My future plan is to continue teaching while doing research about soil and water resources at the same time,” he said.


One fact about Barbadillo is that he has never been to any foreign countries besides the United States.

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