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Graduate Student Pursues Future in Physiology Research

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Israel Molina Cyrineu is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in agronomy at the University of Sao Paulo. During his undergrad, he worked with precision agriculture and spraying technologies, where he joined the Precision Agriculture Group (gMAP) and found his passion for research. It was in this group where he made connections at Oklahoma State University. Soon after, he began pursuing his master’s degree at OSU in spring 2022.


Cyrineu said he chose Oklahoma State because of the Department of Plant and Soil Science’s excellent research and extension programs.


“When Dr. Amanda De Oliveira Silva told me she had an open position for a master’s student, I was certain I wanted to study here,” he said.


Through his graduate research project, Cyrineu intends to study the physiology behind late-planted winter wheat and to observe the adaptability of different genotypes—including short-season wheat—to this type of practice.


“I am also observing the vernalization requirement of the genotypes and trying to understand if there is any relationship between this and their adaptation to late-planting,” Cyrineu said.


Cyrineu said the most rewarding thing about studying at OSU is the opportunity to share his research with farmers during field days and at the Winter Crops School. He enjoys seeing that what he is studying is important to them, and that makes him passionate about what he does.


One of Cyrineu’s favorite parts of graduate school is being able to talk with several professors and students from many different areas of research.


“Another thing is to be able to know people from all around the world, and I have a lot of interest in learning about other cultures,” he said.


Once he finishes his master’s degree, Cyrineu intends to pursue a Ph.D., as he believes having a Ph.D. will aid him in becoming a better researcher.


“I am not sure if I will stay in academia or go into industry,” he said. “Only time will answer that.”


In his free time, Cyrineu enjoys camping and fishing, so during the weekends one would probably find him doing those things.

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