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OSU Research Specialist has Seen Many Changes in Her 20 Years

Monday, March 20, 2023

When Tina Johnson, a senior research specialist, first came to Oklahoma State University, she was a bit older than other students enrolling at the same time. When she arrived to enroll in her first semester, Johnson said she prayed, “Guide me, and if this is supposed to be my path, please make it easy.” She was in and out in 10 minutes, and took that as her sign to pursue her studies at OSU.


Johnson graduated in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in horticulture and landscape architecture, and May 2023 will mark her 20th year at OSU.


She said she is proudest of graduating from OSU, as well as her years at OSU collecting data that comes from her lab. Within her lab, she produces specific data from wheat samples to find the best wheat.


Johnson said she is passionate about her lab work.


“I love working with wheat,” she said. “I love working with data that will help find better products.”


The best part of working at OSU for Johnson includes all the ongoing challenges, the training, and the ability to work with so many professional in the industry.


Johnson has observed many changes at OSU. She said, “One that stands out right now is diversity, including the range of voices, viewpoints, and experiences from different identities, such as ethnicity, culture, gender, age, and disability.”


Even after working at OSU for so long, many may not realize Johnson knows how to play the accordion.


“I probably can’t play it now, but I was ok back when I was little,” she said.


In her free time, Johnson said she loves to go fishing, hunting, swimming, and reading a good book.

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