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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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The agricultural communications degree program prepares students with the necessary skill set needed to step into industry roles by providing them with resources to equipment. This added benefit allows students to have first-hand knowledge on how to operate top-of-the-line equipment, which sets them apart and expedites their transition into the workforce. 


Departmental Equipment


Ag Comm Computer Lab (404 Ag Hall)

In addition to college-wide computer lab facilities and computers in the Student Success Center, the Ferguson College of Agriculture supports a lab specifically for agricultural communications students. The lab is located in 404 Ag Hall and is funded by student technology fees. 


The lab includes the following equipment:

  • 30 student iMacs (with all necessary software)
  • 1 instructor computer
  • 1 80-inch HDTV monitor for screen mirroring, presentations and casting
  • 1 additional projector (tied to the instructor machine)
  • 1 HP LaserJet P3015 printer
  • 1 HP Color LaserJet M651 printer

404 AGH is open 6 a.m. to midnight unless otherwise posted for classes, holidays, or maintenance. It is restricted to AGCM students, who must use their Student ID to gain access to the lab. Due to COVID-19, student access is temporarily restricted. Please consult with your instructor for more details.


Camera Equipment

Students have the option to use department-owned, top-of-the-line cameras, light kits, microphones, and tripods, which allows them to obtain a necessary skill set that can aid them when stepping into industry roles. 

Personal Equipment

Some courses in the agricultural communications degree programs sometimes require specialized equipment and software. Students should consult with their instructor about specific requirements and suggestions. The information below may be helpful in guiding students through the decision-making process of purchasing personal equipment. 



All required software for agricultural communications courses is provided in the 404 Ag Hall computer lab. While a personal computer is not required to complete a degree in Agricultural Communications, the agricultural communications faculty provide the following recommendations for students who wish to purchase their own computer:


  • Faculty in agricultural communications use, teach from, and recommend Macintosh computers instead of PCs.
  • If you purchase a personal computer, get at least 8GB of RAM (but more is better. Most faculty in our program use 32GB of RAM in their office computers).
  • If you purchase a computer, get a solid-state drive instead of a hard drive. You can't get as much storage space for the cost, but the computer tends to perform better (and you can always use an external drive for additional storage).


External Drive

If you'd like to purchase additional storage space, you may consider an external drive.
  • External drives can be used to not only store your files but also to set up your media cache for Adobe Premiere for video editing, and that helps keep your laptop from getting bogged down as much.
  • A solid-state drive instead of a hard drive is best. They tend to be more stable. 


Students in the agricultural communications program will need access to a camera for advanced coursework, including photography, audio/video production, and our capstone course. 
  • Faculty in the agricultural communications program use, teach from, and recommend Canon cameras.
  • You will need a camera that can shoot at least 1080 HD.
  • You will need a camera that can use an external mic for video production (if you have a camera that can’t take a mic, you can use it to film, but you won’t be able to do interviews).
  • A camera with a full-frame sensor is preferred.
  • A camera with a headphone jack is preferred (this is a lifesaver when you film interviews).
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