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Agricultural Communications Internships

When you graduate with a degree in agricultural communications from OSU, your résumés will include a key component: experience. Internships help students increase their knowledge in the agricultural communications field through supervised, hands-on experiences.



Internship information for students

Step 1

Need an idea for an internship? Start by investigating internship opportunities on the #okstateAGCM Opportunities website  and weekly email.


Please note that in order for internships to be approved for academic credit, the internship must have (1) a qualified and active supervisor to mentor and guide the student, (2) at least 100 working hours per academic credit hour, (3) duties primarily in communications-based work, and (4) experience toward career development (when possible).


Step 2

Once you have secure and internship, complete an Internship Proposal Form. Forms must be completed and approved by the agricultural communications faculty prior to completion of your internship and enrollment in internship hours. Note: No credit will be given for internship hours completed before an Internship Proposal Form has been submitted. Credit for internship hours can begin once an Internship Proposal Form has been submitted. Contact Shelly Legg if you have questions about the proposal process. 


Step 3

After your internship is approved, you will receive an email with information explaining how to enroll in internship credit hours (AGCM 4300). Once enrolled, you will then have access to your AGCM 4300 Canvas course.  


Step 4

Begin your internship. Submit required materials to the AGCM 4300 Canvas course site.


Step 5

Complete your internship! Learn and document your internship with pictures!


Step 6

Continue to submit required materials to the AGCM 4300 Canvas course site, including evaluation forms, a final report and presentation.




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