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AGCM 4413: Cowboy Journal


The Cowboy Journal is a magazine produced throughout a capstone class students in the agricultural communications program take in their final semester. The Cowboy Journal staff members use the skills they have developed through courses such as layout and design, photography, and feature writing to produce a magazine for the Oklahoma State University Ferguson College of Agriculture. 


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How it Works

The course is designed to operate as a real-world publication, placing students in a working environment which allows them to gain first-hand knowledge and skills needed to produce a magazine. With instructor guidance, students are responsible for producing a magazine from start to finish. This includes:


  • Sourcing stories and content 
  • Sourcing and creating sponsorship ads 
  • Taking photographs
  • Conducting interviews 
  • Writing stories 
  • Collaborating with peers to form a cohesive layout 
  • Proofing magazine content and layout 
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