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Equine Enterprise Management Certificate

Oklahoma State University undergraduate students in any major can participate in our Equine Enterprise Management certificate program.


This certificate program gives students an education focused on equine while preparing them to be knowledgeable professionals in the horse industry through advanced training and hands-on learning. The program is designed to ensure students are career-ready by equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the horse industry.


Students will receive documentation of their equine training and education upon completion of the program, which will be registered officially on their transcript.


Student with horse


This certificate program consists of 17 total hours, which includes both required and elective courses. These courses incorporate scientific training, practical experience and business skills while primarily focusing on equine.


Below are equine related courses available in the Equine Enterprise Management certificate program. Students seeking an animal science degree can also work with their academic advisor to incorporate equine based courses into their plan of study.


  • Advanced Spring and Fall Equine Evaluation

    Two complementary evaluation classes for students wishing to be on the competitive fall judging team.

  • Equine Behavior and Handling

    Work with horses on the ground and learn safe handling practices, basic equine science, health concepts and behavior.

  • Equine Training Methods

    Students are assigned a long-yearling and taught how to properly handle, groom, trim feet, lunge, saddle, and bridle the colts and fillies.

  • Equine Breeding and Foaling

    Practical experience managing and observing pre-partum mares in addition to watching the stages of parturition.


    Students will be responsible for care of the mare and foal.

  • Equine Sales and Marketing

    Professional marketing schemes, including horse descriptions, photography, and videography.


    Work with OSU sale prospects to train on the ground, under saddle, and for sale preparation for annual production sale.

  • Horse Science

    Applying scientific principles from their core courses to the equine industry.

  • Horse Management and Production

    Provide students with general management information from disciplines, including economics, marketing, behavior, genetics, reproduction, nutrition and exercise physiology.

  • Equine Enterprise Management

    Business aspects related to management of an equine based enterprise.

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