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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Summer 2023

Christina Biedny (Ph.D.) - Exploring the Relationship Between Highspeed Broadband Internet and Economic Development: Three Essays on Availability and Impact - Brian Whitacre


Spring 2023

  • Ryan Loy (Ph.D.) - Incorporating Flavor in a Wheat Breeding Program - Bailey Norwood
  • Hannah Baker (M.S.) - Patch-Burning and Grazing: An Economic Analysis of Rangeland Management of Oklahoma Cow-Calf Producers - Hannah Shear
  • Grace Baxter (M.S.) - Targeting Prime: Examining the Economic Elements Behind Wagyu-Influenced Cattle - Kellie Raper
  • Jenna Bryant (M.S.) - Borrower Perceptions of Additional Lender Services: An Oklahoma AgCredit Example - Eric DeVuyst
  • Kristina Harwell (M.S.) - Factors Affecting Respiratory Vaccination of Beef Cattle in Oklahoma - Amy Hagerman
  • George Cole Patterson (M.S.) - Using Informative Bayesian Priors and On-Farm Experimentation to Predict Optimal Site-Specific Nitrogen Rates - Wade Brorsen
  • Alicia Young (M.S.) - Factors Affecting Crop Insurance Use Among Underserved Producers - Cheryl DeVuyst
  • Jacob Base (M.Ag) - Creative Component: - Wade Brorsen
  • Sarah Kearns (M.Ag) - Creative Component: The Humane Society of Stillwater: Donor Database Dilemma - Bailey Norwood
  • Jack Long (M. Ag) - Creative Component: Dual Use Wheat and Risk Management Alternatives for Oklahoma Cattle Producers - Derrell Peel
  • Gavin McReynolds (M.Ag) - Creative Component - A Sensitivity Analysis Using a Fully Integrated Financial Model for OSU's Thermal Energy Storage System Initiative - John Michael Riley
  • Gretchen Skaja (M.Ag) - Formal Report: Entrepreneurship Roadmap: Key Stages of Developing Business - Rodney Holcomb
  • Gavin Stika (M.Ag) - Professional Internship with Boise Valley Feeders in Parma, Idaho - Wade Brorsen
  • Jakob Uribe (M.Ag) - Creative Component is Career Liaison Schedule Optimization using GAMSIDE - Wade Brorsen


Fall 2022

  • Joo Hun Han (Ph.D.) – The Impact of Aging and Underemployment on Income Disparity and Professional Networks and Technology Adoption; Advisor – Chanjin Chung
  • Tori Marshall (Ph.D.) – Agricultural Firm Resilience to Disasters Domestically and Abroad: Applications in Animal Health; Advisor – Amy Hagerman
  • Davood Poursina (Ph.D.) – Whole Farm Experimentation: Making It Profitable; Advisor – Wade Brorsen


Summer 2022

  • Yejun Choi (Ph.D.) – Analyses of Market Power for US and International Beef Markets; Advisor - Dayton Lambert
  • Claudia Alejandra Mendoza (Ph.D) – Three Essays on Rural Health Economics; Advisor - Brian Whitacre
  • JeongSeung Kim (Ph.D.) – Intertemporal Change in Cost Efficiency and Its Determinants Using a Base Period Approach: An Evidence from Korean Rice Farms; Advisor - Chanjin Chung
  • Miyeon Son (Ph.D.) – Two Essays on Equilibrium Displacement Models; Advisor - Dayton Lambert


Spring 2022

  • Lindsey Ashinhurst (M.S.) – The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Assistance Requests at an Oklahoma Food Pantry; Advisor - Bailey Norwood
  • Glenn Conover (M.S.) – Measuring Technical and Economic Efficiency of Rainfed Double Cropping Systems in the Southern Great Plains; Advisor - Lixia Lambert
  • Greg Garrison (M.S.) – Cell Based Meat Budget and Igenity Panel Scores in a Cow-Calf Operation; Advisor - Wade Brorsen
  • Emma Hayhurst (M.S.) – Resilience of Grain Storage Markets to Upheaval in Futures Markets; Advisor - Wade Brorsen 
  • Ralph Jean-Pierre (M.S.) – An analysis of African Swine Fever Consequences on Rural Economies and Smallholder Swine Producers in Haiti; Advisor - Amy Hagerman
  • Camryn Lucas (M.S.) – Honey Production: What's the Buzz? Advisor - Notie Lansford
  • Michael (Ethan) McGill (M.S.) – The Oklahoma Stocker Cattle Industry: Structure and Function; Advisor - Derrell Peel
  • Jacob Sestak (M.S.) – Economics of Cover Crops, Tillage, and Cool-Season Grazing in Southern Great Plains Cattle Operations; Advisor - Wade Brorsen
  • Sarah Spradlin (M.S.) – The Role of Beef Imports in the United States; Advisor - Bailey Norwood
  • Erica Wiebe (M.S.) – A Preliminary Biological and Economic Analysis of Capsaicin Feed Additive in Feedlot Rations; Advisor - Eric DeVuyst
  • Brock Wright (M. Ag.) – Internship; Advisor - Cheryl DeVuyst


Fall 2021

  • Mengyu Yin (Ph.D.) – Essays on Horn Fly Control Economics in Stocker Cattle, Stocker Cattle Producer Purchasing Preferences, and Food Insecurity During Covid-19; Advisor - Kellie Raper


Summer 2021

  • Yikuan Chen (M.S.) – Spatial Patterns in Hard Red Winter Wheat Quality and Basis; Advisor - Wade Brorsen
  • Haotian Cheng (Ph.D.) – Consumer Choice Models Applied on a Biobased Product; Advisor - D. Lambert
  • Kayla Hildebrand (Ph.D.) – Accounting for Attention Changes in Discrete Choice Experiments and Modeling Adverse Selection in the Cattle Procurement Market; Advisor - Chanjin Chung
  • Amanda Upton (M.S.) – Evaluating Producer Decision Making Surrounding Calving Date in the U.S. Southern Plains; Advisor - Courtney Bir


Spring 2021

  • Hallie Barnes (M.Ag.) – Creative Component - Benefit-Cost Analysis of Cattle Handling Facilities and Equipment for Calf Management Practice Adoption; Advisor - Kellie Raper
  • Xuecheng Cai (M.S.) – Estimation of Postharvest Loss in the U.S. Wheat Supply Chain: Cost Benefit Analysis for Sensor-Monitoring System; Advisor - Phil Kenkel
  • Robert Hemphill (M.S.) – The Desirability of Beef Sustainability and Traceability from the Perspective of Cow-Calf Producers; Advisor - Bailey Norwood
  • Kayla Hintze (M.S.) – Economic Feasibility of Mixed-Species Grazing to Improve Rangeland Productivity; Advisor - Derrell Peel
  • Yancheng Li (M.S.) – The Impact of Economic Growth on Adult Obesity Rates in Rural America; Advisor - Brian Whitacre
  • Katie Welch (M.S.) – Economic Contribution and Impact Analysis of the 2019 Flood's Disruption of the Oklahoma McClellan-Kerr Navigation System; Advisor - Dave Shideler


Fall 2020

  • Guy Buser (M.S.) – M.S. thesis per Holcomb 12-2020 will graduate F20 - Conceptual Design for Switchgrass Production Simulation in a Biomass Supply Chain Using GLADIS 2.0; Advisor - Rodney Holcomb
  • Amanda Higgins (M.S.) – Implications of Book Versus Tax Based Patronage for Agricultural Cooperatives; Advisor - Phil Kenkel
  • Jessica Richard (Ph.D.) – Three Essays Evaluating Improved Efficiency in a Cooperatively Owned Cotton Warehouse; Advisor - Phil Kenkel


Summer 2020

  • Logan Britton (Ph.D.) – Evaluating Consumer Survey Responses with Identity Theory and Impacts of Alternative Responses to Foot-And-Mouth Disease in a Large Feedlot; Advisor -Bailey Norwood
  • Heydi Calderon Ambelis (M.S.) – Supply Chain Optimization of a Conversion-Ready Biomass Blend For Cellulosic Ethanol Production; Advisor - Rodney Holcomb
  • Ryan Loy (M.S.) – Economic Feasibility of an Oklahoma Switchgrass Biorefinery: What Role Does Infrastructure Play? Advisor - Jeff Vitale


Spring 2020

  • Bernadette Chimai (Ph.D.) – Effects of the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act on the Volatility of Fed Cattle Prices and Price Uncertainty in U.S. Fed Cattle; Advisor - Chajin Chung
  • Chun Du (M.S.) – Chinese Consumer Preferences For and Attitudes Towards Pecans; Advisor - Bailey Norwood
  • Jung min Lee (Ph.D.) – Estimating Market Power of Agricultural and Food Industries: An Issue of Data Aggregation Bias; Advisor - Chanjin Chung
  • Barrett Moore (M.S.) – The Effect of A Transitional Diet on Stocker Heifers Grazing Wheat Pasture; Advisor - Wade Brorsen
  • Meredith Munson (M.S.) – Economic Comparison of Angus, Red Angus, and Aberdeen Cow-Calf production; Advisor - Eric DeVuyst
  • Kaitlin Ramy (M.S.) – Perishable Food Date Label Best Practices and Consumer Willingness to Reduce Food Waste; Advisor - John Micheal Riley
  • Gianni Ricci (M.S.) – A Sensory Analysis of Native, Kanza, and Pawnee Pecans; Advisor - Bailey Norwood
  • Ty Smith (M.S.) – A Different Analysis of Rural Development's Business and Industry Loan Guarantee Program: The Impact on Tax Revenue in Oklahoma Communities; Advisor - Dayton Lambert
  • Heng Wei (M.S.) – A Comparative Analysis of Expected Utility of Futures, Options, and Livestock Risk Protection Insurance: Which Hedging Tool is Desirable for Small, Medium, or Large Sized Feeder Cattle Producers Whose Farms are Low, Average, or High Management Risk; Advisor - John Micheal Riley


Fall 2019

  • Rachel Woods (M.Ag.) – Creative Component - Economically-Optimal Planting Date of Dual-Purpose Wheat in the U.S. Southern Plains; Advisor - Eric DeVuyst
  • Guy Buser (M.S.) – Creative Component - Conceptual Design for Switchgrass Production Simulation in a Biomass Supply Chain Using GLADIS 2.0; Advisor – Rodney Holcomb
  • Christopher Jurgensmeyer (M.Ag.) – Creative Component - Utilizing Spent Mushroom Compost as a Feed Supplement in a Cow-Calf Operation; Advisor – Rodney Holcomb
  • John Ng'ombe (Ph.D.) – Economics of the Greenseeder Hand Planter, Discrete Choice Modeling, and On-Farm Field Experimentation; Advisor – Wade Brorsen
  • Heng Wei (M.S.) – A Comparative Analysis of Expected Utility of Futures, Options, and Livestock Risk Protection Insurance: Which Hedging Tool is Desirable for Small, Medium, or Large Sized Feeder Cattle Producers Whose Farms are Low, Average, or High Management Ris; Advisor - John Michael Riley
  • Leann Westbrook (M.S.) – Optimal Beef Cow Stocking Rates in the U.S. Southern Plains; Advisor – Eric DeVuyst
  • Mengyu Yin (M.S.) – Creative Component - Effect of Colored Shade Cloth Covers on Tomato Production and Economics in High Tunnel Growing Structures; Advisor - Brian Adam


Summer 2019

  • Sunjin Ahn (Ph.D.) – Three Essays on Food Health and Food Security; Advisor – Bailey Norwood
  • Whoi Cho (M.S.) – RI-PRF Crop Insurance Program Design; Advisor – Wade Brorsen
  • Ryan Feuz (Ph.D.) – Three Essays: Valuation for and Marketing Spillover of Discolored Beef and Employer Willingness to Pay for Recent College Graduate Attributes; Advisor – Bailey Norwood
  • Brian Mills (Ph.D.) – Three Essays on the Profitability of Precision Agriculture; Advisor – Wade Brorsen
  • Bart Niyibizi (Ph.D.) – Spatial Smoothing of Corn Yield Trends and Robustness of the Impact of Climate on U.S. Corn Yields; Advisor – Wade Brorsen
  • Dongrui He (M.S.) – Source Differentiated Beef Import Demand in China via LA/AIDS Model & China's Soybean Import Demand Analysis via a Differential Production Approach; Advisor – Shida Henneberry
  • Machado, Pedro (Ph.D.) – Spatial Price Transmission, Transaction Costs, and Econometric Modelling: How Inference Can Be Improved When Accounting for Information on Transaction Cost? And Modeling Salmonella Spread in Poultry Production: Identifying Determinants and Control Strate; Advisor – Chanjin Chung
  • Will Maples (Ph.D.) – Livestock Long Term Forecasting, Metaphylaxis Treatment, and Contracting Incentives; Advisor – Wade Brorsen
  • Karthik Ramaswamy (Ph.D.) – Economics of Alternative Groundwater Management Strategies in Oklahoma; Advisor – Jeff Vitale


Spring 2019

  • Zuhrah Alwahabi (M.S.) – A Food Pantry's Contribution Towards Reducing the Needs; Advisor – Bailey Norwood
  • Aaron Ates (Ph.D.) – Three Essays on U.S. Household Food and Diet Preferences; Advisor – Rodney Holcomb
  • Lauren Clark (M.S.) – Disaggregating Beef Demand: Data Limitations and Industry Perspectives; Advisor Derrell Peel
  • Kelsey Conley (Ph.D.) – Essays on Millennial Food Demand, Community Development Grant Evaluation, and Broadband and Rural Housing Values; Advisor – Brian Whitacre
  • Kwideok Han (Ph.D.) – Essays on School Size and Student Performance, Hay Yield and Weather Variation, and Economic Development Program Evaluation; Advisor - Chanjin Chung
  • Wuit Yi Lwin (M.S.) – Price Transmission Behavior of Melons Market in China-Myanmar Border Trade and Demand System Analysis of Imported Melons in China Market; Advisor – Shida Henneberry
  • Devon Meadowcroft (Ph.D.) – Essays on the Rural Opioid Crisis; Advisor – Brian Whitacre
  • Brian Mulenga (Ph.D.) – Modeling Economic Thresholds of Wheat Streak Mosaic, Feedlot Cost of Gain Prediction, and Joint Adoption of Value-Added Cow-Calf Production Practices; Advisor – Kellie Raper
  • Garrett Reed (M.S.) – Simulation of Alternative Farm Transition Strategies and Their Probability of Success; Advisor – Shannon Ferrel


Fall 2018

  • Suling Duan (Ph.D.) – Economically Optimal Timing of Insect Control in Food Processing Facilities: A Real Option Approach; Advisor - Brian Adam
  • McReynolds, Hannah (M.S.) – Financial Literacy Representation of Oklahoma State University Students; Advisor - Rodney Jones


Summer 2018

  • Biedenbach, Abby (M.S.) – Feral Hogs, the Rainfall Index Annual Forage Program, and Pecan Irrigation; Advisor - Wade Brorsen
  • Lee, Jung min (Ph.D.) – Estimating Market Power of Agricultural and Food Industries: An Issue of Data Aggregation Bias; Advisor - Chanjin Chung
  • Lee, Kangil (Ph.D.) – Three Essays in Energy, Environmental and Regional Economics; Advisor - Brian Whitacre


Spring 2018

  • Mark Buda (Ph.D.) – Economic Analysis of Structural Change in Feedlot Cattle Death Loss; Advisor - Kellie Raper
  • Crossan, Zachary (M.Ag.) – Creative Component - Human Resource Management Practices in Agricultural Cooperatives; Advisor - Phil Kenkel
  • Candi Ge (Ph.D.) – Precision Agriculture and Information Technology: The Value of Implementing a Whole-Chain Traceability System to Transfer Information in the Beef Industry and Using Eye-Tracking Technology to Improve Conjoint Analysis; Advisor - Brian Adam
  • Hurt, Courtney (M.S.) – Market Failure in Disease Control: Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDv) and the Economic Feasibility of Enhanced Control in the Beef Cattle Industry; Advisor - Derrell Peel
  • Manlove, Jacob (Ph.D.) – Three Essays on Broadband Adoption; Advisor - Brian Whitacre
  • Osburn, Meagan (M.S.) – The Effects of State Pride and Proximity to State Borders on Consumer Demand for State Labeled Products; Advisor - Rodney Holcomb
  • Stefenoni, Joe (M.S.) – An Exploration of the Effects of Beginning Debt Levels and Low Crop Commodity Prices on the Post Financial Downturn Financial Performance of Representative Crop, Livestock, and Diversified Farms in Oklahoma; Advisor - Rodney Jones
  • Yang, Ruoye (Ph.D.) – The Influence of Perception, Recession and Income Strata on Consumer Demand for Protein Sources; Advisor - Kellie Raper


Fall 2017

  • Jasdeep Banga (Ph.D.) – Machine Learning: A Potential Forecasting Tool; Advisor - Wade Brorsen
  • Wonkyu Cha (Ph.D.) – Essays on Consumer Demand for Recreational Activities; Advisor - Tracy Boyer
  • Haotian Cheng (M.S.) – Characteristics that Influence Financially Risky Occupational Choice; Advisor - John Michael Riley
  • Tyler Williams (M.Ag.) – Formal report - Cost of Meeting Beef Cattle Nutrition Requirements Considering Hay Quality; Advisor - Damona Doye


Spring 2017

  • Eryn Bell (M.S.) – Consumer Preference for Willful Ignorance on Animal Welfare Issues Used Swine Production; Advisor - Bailey Norwood
  • Susan Brand (M.Ag.) – Formal Report - Estimating Non-Market Value for the Grand River Watershed; Advisor - Richard Melstrom
  • Ahmad Ghaith (Ph.D.) – Economics of Household Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Systems; Advisor - Francis Epplin
  • Blayne Horn (M.S.) – Risk Management Cash Requirements and Optimal Marketing Strategies for Winter Grazed Stocker Cattle; Advisor - John Michael Riley
  • Kelyn Jacques (M.S.) – Midwesterners' Consumer Preference for Goat Meat in a Blind Sensory Analysis; Advisor - Bailey Norwood
  • Patrick Kanza (Ph.D.) – Essays on African Rural Development and Environmental and Natural Resource Policy; Advisor - Jeff Vitale
  • Trey Malone (Ph.D.) – Incorporating Behavioral Principles in Primary Data Collection and Analysis with Application to Beer Demand; Advisor - Jayson Lusk
  • Clint Neill (Ph.D.) – Essays on Veterinary Economics; Advisor - Rodney Holcomb
  • Robert Parrish (M.S.) – Investigating Enterprise Risk Management in the Context of Grain & Farm Supply Cooperatives; Advisor - Phil Kenkel
  • Eunchun Park (Ph.D.) – Three Essays on Insurance and Option in Agricultural Economics; Advisor - Wade Brorsen
  • Nurul Nadia Ramli (Ph.D.) – Essays on Economic Issues of Eastern Redcedar Encroachment; Advisor - Francis Epplin
  • Rapp, Dillon (M.S.) – Applying the Cooperative Model to Veterinary Medicine: A Case Study of Shared Imaging Center; Advisor - Rodney Holcomb
  • Meagan Rhodes (M.S.) – Determining Implicit Option Premiums for Government Farm Program Payments; Advisor - Eric DeVuyst
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