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The Department of Agricultural Economics has developed the undergraduate program to allow students to specialize their academic experience. Whether you are interested in agricultural economics or agribusiness, we have the perfect plan for your time here at Oklahoma State University!


The flexibility of our degree programs and their options enable students to broaden their education in specialized areas of interest. Cooperation and careful planning with other departments within the Ferguson College of Agriculture and the College of Business Administration can allow students to obtain a minor or double major by taking a small number of additional courses.


Students in the Agricultural Economics program may choose from two majors with nine options available between them. Course requirements and electives vary depending upon the option selected.

For more information on all our undergraduate courses, explore OSU's Course Catalog.

Undergraduate Courses

AGEC 1101 - Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Experience

Developing connections between the student’s major curriculum,career goals specific to agricultural economics or agribusiness, and networking with other students, faculty, and alumni.


AGEC 1113 - Introduction to Agricultural Economics (S)

Economic theory of production, marketing, and consumption of agricultural products and natural resources. The role and structure of agricultural sciences and natural resources within the American economy. Policies to achieve efficiency and welfare goals in agriculture. No general education credit for students also taking ECON 1113 or ECON 2103. Previously offered as AGEC 1114.


AGEC 2303 - Food Marketing to a Diverse Population (D)

Food and beverage demand and preferences of socially and ethnically constructed groups in American Society. Real life issues of marketing to a diverse population, including Native, Asian, African, and Hispanic Americans, and low-income populations.


AGEC 2313 - Case Studies in Agricultural Trade and Development (I)

Real world issues in international trade and development of agricultural and food products. Development of an understanding of issues facing policymakers, producers, consumers, and other groups in examining the costs and benefits of various trade and development programs.


AGEC 2990 - Problems in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

Directed study on topics related to agricultural economics or agribusiness.


AGEC 3010 - Internship in Agricultural Economics

Supervised work experience with approved public and private employers in agricultural economics, including banks, farm credit services, agriculture chemical firms, Soil Conservation Service, congressional offices and other opportunities. Credit will not substitute for required courses. Graded on a pass-fail basis.


AGEC 3101 - Professional Career Development

Overview of the various areas of specialization within agricultural economics and agribusiness and their associated career opportunities and obligations. Development and improvement of written communication, oral communication and leadership skills. Previously offered as AGEC 4902.


AGEC 3183 - Agribusiness Accounting and Taxation

Development of the ability to read, analyze, and use accounting information to improve decision-making and tax planning. Same course as ACCT 3183AGEC 3213-Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Economics Indices, graphics, budgeting, interest calculations, compounding and discounting, basic statistic measures, regression, optimization and computer applications.


AGEC 3323 - Agricultural Product Marketing and Sales

Fundamentals of agricultural marketing management and planning applied to specific agricultural product (input and output) marketing problems. Institutional differences between agricultural and non-agricultural marketing environments. The role of the individual sales representative in a marketing and sales organization. Written and oral presentations of marketing and sales information required of all students. Previously offered as AGEC 4313.


AGEC 3333 - Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis

Supply, demand, and price determination within the institutional environment of agricultural commodity markets. The roles provided by government intervention, marketing agreements, and cooperatives in agricultural markets. Some graphical analysis of commodity market data. Fundamentals of futures markets applied to agriculture. Course previously offered as AGEC 3303.


AGEC 3403 - Agricultural Small Business Management

The essentials of operating an agricultural small business. An introduction to the planning, organizing, marketing, managing, financing, controlling and operating an agricultural small business. Not recommended for agricultural economics or agribusiness majors. No credit for students with prior credit in 4423.


AGEC 3423 - Farm and Agribusiness Management

Fundamentals of managerial functions as applied to agricultural firms. Organization and management of human, financial, and physical assets for the profitable operation of an agricultural business. An introduction to business planning, enterprise budgeting, financial statements and record keeping. Previously offered as AGEC 3413.


AGEC 3463 - Agricultural Cooperatives

An evaluation of the fundamental principles, objectives, structure, finance, and management associated with the cooperative organization. An analysis of the cooperative business organization within the modern economy: history, legislation and evolution. An examination of careers related to cooperatives. Previously offered as AGEC 3313.


AGEC 3503 - Natural Resource Economics

Framework for analyzing natural resource management decisions. Applications of microeconomic theory to the management of soil, water, and other resources, with special emphasis on the institutions having an impact on management opportunities. Supply of and demand for natural resources, resource allocation over time, rights of ownership, public issues of taxation, police power and eminent domain.


AGEC 3603 - Agricultural Finance

Analyze farm and agribusiness financial statements. Understand the relationship between firm growth and financial leverage. Time value of money concepts and their application to capital budgeting. Discuss how agricultural lenders acquire and use funds.


AGEC 3703 - Issues in Agricultural Policy

Emerging issues related to agricultural policy in the United States.


AGEC 3713 - Agricultural Law

Survey of law with emphasis on agricultural problems, applications, and strategies for managing legal risk in the agribusiness setting. Contract law, tort law, property law, real estate transactions, business organization, estate planning, debtor/creditor law, environmental law, and water/resources law. Previously offered as AGEC 4413.


AGEC 3810 - Domestic Agricultural Economics Tour

An integrated approach to the cultural, agricultural, historical, technological, political, and economic backgrounds of an agricultural region of the United States.


AGEC 3990 - Special Problems in Agricultural Economics

Directed study of selected agricultural economics topics.


AGEC 4101 - Agricultural Economics Seminar

Contemporary problems in agricultural economics. Previously offered as AGEC 4911.


AGEC 4213 - Advanced Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Economics

Quantitative analysis of agricultural supply and demand in situations involving risk and uncertainty within the institutional setting of agricultural markets. Use of spreadsheets to perform regression analysis and simulation of potential market outcomes. Analysis of specific agricultural market cases with written and oral presentation of the results. Previously offered as AGEC 3203.


AGEC 4333 - Commodity Futures Markets

The economics of commodity futures markets. The vocabulary of futures markets and the mechanics of trading and hedging. Basis and producer marketing strategies. Fundamental analysis and statistical analysis of data. Technical analysis, behavioral finance, efficient market hypothesis, and basics of option pricing.


AGEC 4343 - International Agricultural Markets and Trade (I)

Contemporary international agricultural trade theory and applications. Tools to identify, evaluate critically, and seek solutions to complex international trade and development problems, such as gains from trade, comparative advantage, impacts of trade barriers on social welfare, export promotion effectiveness, trade impacts on environment and land degradation, free trade areas, and impacts of genetically modified crops on trade.

AGEC 4403 - Advanced Farm and Ranch Management

The development of problem solving and risk management skills needed on the modern farm or ranch. Use of spreadsheets to perform production planning and analysis of farm and ranch problems with linear programming, simulations, and other tools. Analysis of the acquisition of resources and the use of information systems in managing the individual farm or ranch business.


AGEC 4423 - Advanced Agribusiness Management

Application of modern decision theory in the uncertain environment that the agricultural business operates. Planning, organizing, implementing, coordinating, and controlling problems associated with establishing an agricultural business, achieving firm growth, and operating the firm through time. Use of spreadsheets to perform production planning and analysis related to agricultural business operation with linear programming, simulations, and other tools. Analysis of the interaction of resources, prices and production alternatives. Previously offered as AGEC 4323.


AGEC 4503 - Environmental Economics and Resource Development

Economic, social, and political factors relating to conservation, natural resource development, and environmental quality. Valuation of priced and non-priced natural and environmental resources. Analysis of environmental and natural resource policy and the role of public and private agencies in conservation and development.


AGEC 4513 - Farm Appraisal

Estimating the market value of agricultural real estate using the three approaches to value -sales comparison, cost, and income approaches. Analysis of sales to value the different characteristics of the farm.


AGEC 4613 - Advanced Agricultural Finance

Advanced time value of money and financial management concepts as applied to the management of agricultural firms. Incorporating risk into agricultural investment and financial management decisions. Introduction to risk modeling. May not be used for degree credit with AGEC 5603.


AGEC 4703 - American Agricultural Policy

Economic characteristics and problems of agriculture; evolution and significance of programs and policies.


AGEC 4723 -Rural Economics Development

Concepts, theories, and applications of regional and community economics, including the theories of economic development, analytic techniques, infrastructure and community services, targeted development, and associated policies. Focus on domestic rural areas.


AGEC 4803 - International Agricultural Economics Tour (I)

A two-three week international travel component. An integrated approach to the cultural, agricultural, historical, technological, political, economic, and religious backgrounds of the region. Comparison of the agricultural business environment of the region to that of the US.


AGEC 4990 - Problems of Agricultural Economics

Research on special problems in agricultural economics.

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