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Only part of the student’s education involves taking courses to develop professional expertise and knowledge. In addition, the student’s education should allow the student to learn and develop social and leadership skills. Student opportunities are endless. Each student is able to tailor their education at OSU through experiences outside the classroom. The Department of Agricultural Economics strives to provide our students opportunities to become well-rounded career professionals.


AgEncounter is a short-term domestic travel course that provides a great opportunity for students to see agriculture and agribusiness within the United States. Dr. Peel organizes Ag Encounter each year to a different part of the country. Participants will receive credit as AGEC 4990.



The Aggie-X Club helps undergraduates develop and use leadership skills and learn more about the field of agricultural economics. The club provides a vehicle for students to promote interest in agricultural economics throughout the university and surrounding community. The department encourages all students with an interest in agricultural economics to become actively involved in the club’s activities.


Aggie-X members participate in a wide array of activities during the academic year. The club holds monthly meetings on the second Tuesday night of each month. Events sponsored by the club include student-faculty picnics, socials, educational trips, and the Agricultural Economics Department and Aggie-X Club Scholarships and Awards Banquet. Annually, the club awards more than $2,000 in scholarship to members providing outstanding service to the club. The club finances these events and scholarships through the proceeds of several fund raising efforts.


If you would like to know more about Aggie-X, contact Dr. John Michael Riley.


Quiz Bowl

The Department of Agricultural Economics sponsors a Quiz Bowl team that competes at regional and national competitions. The team is open to all students.



The Department of Agricultural Economics awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to undergraduate students last year. Students in Agricultural Economics or Agribusiness are eligible for all scholarships granted by Oklahoma State University and by the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. In addition, the Department of Agricultural Economics and the Aggie-X Club grant many scholarships. Scholarship funds for students from within the department continue to expand from contributions by alumni, faculty, and businesses because they understand the value of a degree from our program Scholarships help reward students for hard work, academic achievements, service, and leadership. The annual deadline to apply is January 23rd.


Scholarship Application


Student Employment

Undergraduates may choose from four general types of employment in Agricultural Economics: computer support, teaching assistants, extension assistants, or research assistants. Students whom the department accepts for employment usually must achieve and maintain a minimum academic average of 3.0 as a condition of employment.


For more information on how to apply, visit Ag Hall 417.


Study Abroad

Short-term study abroad allows students to obtain credit for travel outside of the United States in an organized group. The Department of Agricultural Economics typically sponsors trips each year that allow students to receive AGEC 4803 credit for participating, opportunities may be available from other departments as well.


Find out more about the Ferguson College of Agricultural International travel

Want to get involved in organizations outside of the department? There are more than 35 student clubs and organizations in the Ferguson College of Agricultural.

For more information, learn more about our student involvement

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