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Rules and Guidelines


General Rules

  1. Poster session is open to all post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students, and will have separate categories.
  2. Presentations must be over research in biological sciences. 
  3. Awards will be presented to top post-doctoral oral presenter, graduate presenters in each oral and poster competitions and to top undergraduate presenters in each oral and poster competitions.
  4. The winner will be awarded in only one competition. (If a presenter is participated in both oral and poster competitions). 
  5. Decisions over acceptance of abstracts will be made by the BMBGSA Symposium Committee and will take into consideration date of submission and content of the provided abstract. 
  6. Submission of abstracts opens on November 30th, 2023. 
  7. Deadline for submission is February 20th, 2024. Applicants will be notified if their abstract was accepted. 
  8. Professors from OSU biological sciences departments are invited to judge bother poster and oral presentations. 
  9. Judging requirements are provided upon request, but the judges will remain anonymous until after the symposium. 
  10. All judges' decisions are final.


Guidelines for Abstracts 

  1. Abstracts should at least be 150 words long and should not exceed 300 words. 
  2. What to include in abstract: 
    1. Introduction (Objective) 
    2. Methods 
    3. Results 
    4. Conclusion (Implications)


Poster Presentation Rules

  1. Size: 36” (height) x 48” (width) maximum. 
  2. Poster presenters must bring their poster on the day of the presentation. 
  3. All posters will be displayed at the first floor atrium of the Noble Research Center at Oklahoma State University - Stillwater on February 9th, 2023. 
  4. Poster presenters will be required to attend in-person at the assigned presentation to present your research. 
  5. Poster presenter will need to prepare for a maximum 15-minute talk. 
  6. Judges will judge and ask questions about the research. 


Oral Session Rules

  1. Oral presenters are limited to 15 minutes, including questions, and will not receive additional time. 
  2. Presentations will be conducted in-person in the Noble Research Center (NRC 348) at Oklahoma State University - Stillwater. 
  3. PowerPoint for Windows will be used for the presentation visuals. 
  4. Oral presenters must save their PowerPoint presentation on a USB device (flash drive). Bring your USB device at least 15 minutes before your session begins, or email (Caleb Watkinds) a day before the presentation. 
  5. Please bring a back-up copy of your presentation file and any media files to your session. 
  6. Presenters must arrive in the seminar room (NRC 348) at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your session. 
  7. Presenters must check in with BMBGSA Symposium Committee, so they know how you have arrived. 


  1. Certificates will be given out to the top presenters. 
  2. Award values are contingent upon sponsorships and funding. 
  3. Awards will be announced at the end of the Symposium, after the keynote speech. 
  4. Award values will be determined and distributed no later than the end of the Spring 2024 Semester. 
  5. Awards will be billed using the Oklahoma State University Bursar system. 
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