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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology faculty at OSU pursue cutting-edge multidisciplinary research in diverse areas to provide mechanistic understanding of biological processes at the molecular level. Our faculty research interests cover:

Plant Biology and Genetics

Andrew Mort | Ramanjulu Sunkar | Feng Feng | Randy Allen

Non-coding RNA

Ramanjulu Sunkar | Robert Matts | Junpeng Deng

Bioinformatics and Computational Genetics

Charles Chen | Peter Hoyt | Patricia Canaan

Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery

Robert Matts | Steve Hartson | Junpeng Deng

Epigenetics and Stress Tolerance

Ramanjulu Sunkar | Randy Allen | Charles Chen | Ellie Nguyen | Don Ruhl | Rita Miller | Feng Feng

Metabolism and Obesity

Xia Lei | Estela Arrese | Jose Soulages

Proteomics/Mass Spectrometry

Steve Hartson | Robert Matts | Jose Soulages | Estella Arrese | John Gustafson | Rita Miller | Charles Chen

Antibiotic Resistance

John Gustafson | Kevin Wilson | Peter Hoyt | Patricia Canaan

Structural Biology

Junpeng Deng | Robert Matts

Infectious Diseases

Junpeng Deng | Yong Cheng | John Gustafson | Kevin Wilson | Peter Hoyt

Cell Biology, Cell Signaling, and Post Translational Modification 

Rita Miller | Robert Matts | Don Ruhl | Charles Chen | Xia Lei 

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at OSU is the host of essential Core Facilities:

DNA Protein Core Facility | Center for Genomics and Proteomics

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