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  • Adam and Alee Gossen Scholarship

    Donors: Adam Alee Gossen


    Adam and Alee Gossen met cheering on the Oklahoma State University Cowboy basketball team as students at OSU. Adam graduated with a degree in biosystems engineering, and Alee graduated with a degree in political science. Adam worked throughout the oil and gas industry, and Alee is an attorney who now owns a private practice. Both lifetime members of the alumni association, they made it a priority to support student scholarships. The Adam and Alee Gossen Scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2019.

  • AGCO Engineering Scholarship

    Donors: AGCO Corporation


    AGCO is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of agricultural equipment, with sales in more than 140 countries. Two major manufacturing facilities are located just north of Oklahoma in Hesston and Beloit, Kansas. Recognizing the importance of qualified engineers for the industry’s future, AGCO has established the AGCO Engineering Scholarship Fund at OSU, with the first awarded given in 2009.

  • Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Undergraduate Research Scholarship

    Donor: Karl Garhrecht and J.D. McElhaney

  • David McKay Scholarship

    Donor: David McKay


    Originally from Lone Wolf, Oklahoma, David McKay is an alumnus of the department who was active as a student leader. David is a resource engineer with the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service at Woodward. This scholarship has been awarded every year since 1985 and is one of our oldest continuously awarded scholarships.

  • Don and Kim Yarbrough Scholarship

    Donors: Don and Kim Yarbrough


    Don Yarbrough grew up near Shawnee, Oklahoma, and is a 1973 graduate of the department. His distinguished career with John Deere includes test and design engineering positions and key management roles in both the U.S. and Germany. Don is currently Director of Worldwide Combine Engineering and leads a team of engineers working in North America, Europe, South America, and China. These scholarships have been awarded every year since 2009.

  • Dr. John B. Solie Scholarship

    Donors: Solie Family and Friends


    From 1982 to 2010, Dr. John Solie touched many students' lives as an outstanding teacher, adviser, and mentor. He conducted cutting-edge research, which has significantly benefited Oklahoma, the nation and the world. Dr. Solie's unique background in engineering, law and farming contributed to his success as a faculty member. To honor him, his family, friends and former students have established an endowed scholarship fund. The John B. Solie Scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2017.

  • Dudley and Betty Barefoot Memorial Scholarship

    Donors: Dudley and Betty Barefoot Friends and Family


    Professor Dudley Barefoot was a popular faculty member who served as advisor and friend to many students. A native of Hollis, Oklahoma, he earned two degrees from the department and later served on the faculty from 1969 to 1986. Following his passing in 2002, colleagues and friends created a scholarship in his memory. Since 2004, the Dudley and Betty Barefoot Memorial Scholarship has been funded through the generosity of former colleagues and friends.

  • E.W. Schroeder Scholarship

    Donor: E.W. Schroeder


    Professor E. W. Schroeder served as Head of the Agricultural Engineering Department for 27 years from 1947 to 1974. He was an effective leader and advocate and was largely responsible for the department's post-war growth and success. The E. W. Schroeder Scholarship was initiated on the occasion of his retirement in 1974. Professor Schroeder, who remained active and lived into his 90s, established an endowment in 2002 to support the scholarship in perpetuity.

  • Fred and Leatrice Bouse Scholarship in Agricultural Engineering

    Donors: Dr. and Mrs. Fred Bouse and Family


    Dr. Fred Bouse received his bachelor's and master's degrees from Oklahoma State University in agricultural engineering in 1956 and 1963. He received his doctorate from Texas A&M University in 1971. Leatrice also attended OSU, majoring in home economics. Dr. Bouse worked for the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service for over 38 years, completing the first eight at OSU researching equipment improvements for harvesting castor beans. The scholarship was established by Fred and Leatrice's son, Gary, and his wife, Rebecca. The first scholarship was awarded in 2018.

  • Gerald and Linda Stangl Scholarship

    Donor: Gerald Stangl


    Dr. Gerald Stangl received his doctorate from Oklahoma State University in 1971 with an emphasis in power and machinery. His degree led to a 30-year career with Charles Machine Works in Perry, Oklahoma. Following retirement, Dr. Stangl became an engineering consultant focusing on patents and other intellectual property. Dr. Stangl established the Gerald and Linda Stangl Scholarship to honor Linda, who passed away in 2018.

  • Glen Morgan Memorial Scholarship

    Donor: Ron Morgan


    Ron Morgan and his family established the Glen Morgan Memorial Scholarship to honor the memory of his father, Glen Morgan. Dr. Morgan earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from the department. He had an outstanding career as an engineer in academia, the food industry, the oil and gas industry, and farming and ranching. He now lives on the family farm in the Waurika, Kansas area. The Glen Morgan Memorial Scholarship was first awarded in 2000.

  • Greg and Kristen Hart Scholarship

    Donors: Greg and Kristen Hart


    Both 1979 graduates of the department, Greg and Kristen Hart, were outstanding students who met at OSU and later married. Greg’s highly successful career with John Deere has led to ever-increasing responsibilities, including senior management positions in Europe and the Dallas and Northwest Sales Branches. Kristen was recognized for her outstanding work as a professional engineer in Kansas. The Greg and Kristen Hart Scholarships were first awarded in 2007.

  • Halliburton Power of Six Scholarship

    Donors: Halliburton and employee contributions


    The Halliburton Power of Six Scholarship is an initiative using individual contributions from those working for Halliburton, who are tied to BAE at OSU. Based on the alumni's initiative within Halliburton, combined with the beneficial Halliburton corporate matching program and the Pickens Match, this scholarship celebrates the corporate linkage and the alumni commitment to helping students achieve their undergraduate education.

  • James and Ruby Garton Scholarship

    Donors: Garton Family and Larry Billen


    Dr. James Garton, a native of Oklahoma, received his bachelor's degree from the then-named Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Engineering. After receiving his master's and doctorate degrees, he served as a faculty member of the department from 1949 to 1985 and was a key contributor to its growth and success. Dr. Garton was a productive and innovative researcher. He was an excellent instructor, known for injecting humor into the classroom. He established the James and Ruby Garton Scholarship endowment in 2007, and the scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2008.

  • Jodie Whitney Scholarship

    Donors: Dr. and Mrs. Jodie Whitney


    Jodie Whitney received his doctorate from the department in 1966. He then enjoyed a distinguished 37-year career as a faculty member in Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of Florida. He conducted pioneering research in mechanical harvesting of citrus fruit, methods of controlling tree size, and citrus management using precision agriculture. The Jodie Whitney Scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2009.
  • Lawrence O. Roth Scholarship

    Donors: Larry Roth Family and Friends


    Larry Roth retired from the department in 1986 after 35 years of exceptional service as a teacher, researcher and advisor. Soon after that, his former students, family, and friends established an endowed scholarship to honor his work. Roth and others have continued to support the endowment over the years. In his retirement, Roth remained in close touch with the department, and his passing deeply saddened department members in 2014. The Lawrence O. Roth Scholarship was first awarded in 1987.

  • Marvin Stone Scholarship

    Donors: Stone Family and Friends


    Marvin Stone, OSU Regents Professor, retired in 2006 following 24 years of exemplary service as a BAE teacher and researcher. In 2005, he received the Eminent Faculty Award, which is OSU’s highest faculty honor. Students much appreciated Stone’s teaching and mentoring, and in retirement, he has continued his involvement with the department. Family and friends established the Marvin Stone Scholarship endowment in his honor, and it has been awarded every year since 2007.

  • Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives Scholarship


    The Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives is a statewide association created and supported by local electric distribution and generation/transmission cooperatives. The OAEC was formed in 1942 and currently consists of 30 member systems. Mr. Chris Meyers serves as the General Manager and CEO. For many years, the OAEC has had a close association with the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department and began supporting an annual scholarship in the department in 1980.

  • Oklahoma Grain and Feed Scholarship


    The Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association is a non-profit trade organization headquartered in Enid. The OGFA effectively promotes the interests of the state’s grain, feed, and seed businesses. Mr. Joe Neal Hampton serves as the Association’s President and Chief Executive Officer. The Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association has awarded a scholarship to a BAE student each year since 1995.

  • Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority Scholarship


    In 1981, the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority was established by the Oklahoma Legislature to provide an adequate, economical, and reliable electrical power source for cities who owned their municipal electric system. The OMPA helps these cities obtain and manage their wholesale power. Mr. Roland Dawson serves as the General Manager. The Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority Scholarship has been awarded in the department each year since 1993.
  • Ron and Zona Noyes Scholarship

     Donors: Ron and Zona Noyes


    Ron Noyes is a native of Leedey, Oklahoma. He received both his bachelor's and master's degrees from the department. Following a successful industry career, he returned to his alma mater and served as a productive extension faculty member from 1985 to 2003. Noyes and his wife, Zona, established the Ronald T. Noyes Scholarship in support of BAE students. The Ronald T. Noyes Scholarship was first awarded in 2005.

  • Sam and Shelia Harp Scholarship

     Donors: Mrs. Shelia Harp Family and Friends


    This scholarship honors both Sam and Sheila Harp for their many years of service to OSU. Sam was instrumental in starting the DASNR and CEAT Application Engineering Extension program and making it a national engineering extension leader. Sheila was also instrumental in OSU programs' success, having served 30 years in various academic and administrative areas. The Sam and Sheila Harp Scholarship was first awarded in 2012.

  • Si and Kay Grider Scholarship


    Donor: Dr. Bill Barfield


    Si Grider was involved in international business, and he and his wife, Kay, appreciate the value of enrichment experiences for students. Their daughter, Annette, and her husband Bill Barfield, emeritus BAE professor and previous department head, established this endowment in honor of the Griders. The funds are used to support international experiences for students majoring in Biosystems Engineering at OSU. In 2010, the awards were made to BAE students participating in study abroad courses to Brazil, Honduras, and Italy.

  • Terry D. Allen Agricultural Engineering Scholarship


    Donor: Diane Allen


    Terry Allen grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and is a 1971 graduate of the department. He began his career as an engineer with Cargill, Inc. In 1975, he left Cargill and became a part of the family business, Payne County Implement, an International Harvester dealership. Diane Allen and her sons, Thomas and Terry Jr., established a scholarship endowment in Terry's memory in 2014. Terry believed that education was essential for success. The Terry D. Allen Scholarship was first awarded in 2014.

  • Tom and Jan Haan Scholarship


    Donors: Tom and Jan Haan


    Tom Haan served as Head of the Agricultural Engineering Department from 1978 to 1985 and continued as an outstanding researcher and teacher until his retirement in 2001. Haan is a member of the prestigious National Academy of Engineering. On the occasion of his retirement, colleagues and friends contributed to a scholarship endowment in his honor. The Tom and Jan Haan Scholarship was first awarded in 2001.
  • Wendell Bowers Scholarship


    Donor: Mr. Wendell Bowers


    Wendell Bowers was a vital member of the departmental faculty from 1967 to 1985. He was an outstanding extension engineer and served as Assistant Director of Agricultural Programs for the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. Now retired and living in Arizona, Bowers is widely recognized for his leadership in volunteer programs assisting young people in the community. The Wendell Bowers Scholarship was first awarded in 2007.

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