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Ferguson College of Agriculture

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About Our Research

Oklahoma State University, a state-supported land-grant university founded in 1890, emphasizes a liberal and practical education. The University has an enrollment of approximately 23,000 students, including over 4,700 graduate students.

The Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology is housed in the Noble Research Center. The facilities of the Noble Research Center represent the finest available and give the department excellent resources to accomplish it's mission of teaching, research, and extension. Graduate students have access to student offices, WI-FI, laboratories for teaching and research, and controlled environment chambers. The department's faculty includes scientists who have received national and international recognition.

Oklahoma State is a national leader in several areas of technology. The University pioneered the use of satelites for distance learning and videoconferencing. Facilities are available for biochemical and physiological studies (HPLC, UV-spec, radioisotope). Scanning and transmission electron microscopes are available for student use at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Medical/veterinary research is also conducted in the Medical Entomology and EFAW field laboratories. Facilities for research on vegetable pests are available at the Wes Watkins Agricultural Research and Extension Center in southeastern Oklahoma. A large laboratory and greenhouse research facility, housing the USDA plant sciences program, is also available for cooperative research.

Graduate Research Assistantships are periodically made available for MS and Ph.D. students in the department. Our faculty focus their nationally recognized research programs in many diverse areas. Prospective students with an interest in a particular specialty are encouraged to correspond directly with the faculty member.

Dr. John Damicone

Diseases of peanuts and vegetable crops

Dr. Carla Garzon

Population biology, epidemiology, and management of soilborne plant pathogens

Dr. Kris Giles

Integrated pest management in agricultural systems

Dr. Wyatt Hoback

Arthropod Ecology

Dr. Bob Hunger

Wheat pathology and development of disease resistant wheat

Dr. Haobo Jiang

Biochemistry and molecular biology of arthropod innate immune responses

Dr. Brad Kard

Structure damaging and urban insect pests 

Dr. Li Ma

Food safety and agricultural biosecurity 

Dr. Stephen Marek

Biology and functional genomics of plant pathogenic fungi

Dr. Bruce Noden

Public health medical and veterinary entomology

Dr. Francisco Ochoa-Corona

Agricultural biosecurity-bioforensics-plant virology

Dr. George Opit

Biology, behavior, ecology, and management of stored-product arthropod pests

Dr. Eric Rebek

Integrated pest management for turfgrass, ornamentals, vegetables, and small fruits

Dr. Tom Royer

Integrated pest management and field crops entomology

Dr. Justin Talley

Management of arthropod pests associated with livestock production

Dr. Jeanmarie Verchot

Macromolecular transport in plants

Dr. Nathan Walker

Turfgrass ipm/turfgrass pathology

Dr. Astri Wayandande

Insect vectors of plant and human pathogens; hemipteran feeding behavior  

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