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Checklist of the Araneae of Oklahoma

The spiders are as well known as any non-insect group of invertebrates in Oklahoma. Various workers have studied our spiders, beginning with Banks, Newport and Bird (1932). Others who have worked on Oklahoma spiders include C. L. Bailey, B. A. Branson, W. A. Drew, R. C. Harrel and N. V. Horner. Their publications can be found in the bibliography. Despite these workers, it is likely that many more species remain to be collected and identified from the state.


The present checklist includes records of 38 families, 187 genera and 433 species. A few of these are not determined with certainty or may be misidentified. A few species are record- ed as determined by "Students". This refers to various students who took araneology classes taught by W. A. Drew at Oklahoma State University. They are included as we believe Dr. Drew would have checked these identifications and agreed with them. The Mygalomorphae are list- ed before the Araneomorphae. Otherwise, the list is strictly alphabetical.


The placement of species in genera and families follows Spiders of North America edited by D. Ubick, P. Paquin, P. E. Cushing and V. Roth and published by the American Arachnological Society in 2005. The website World Spider Catalog can also be consulted.

Checklist and Bibliography of Oklahoma Araneae

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This checklist is anything but complete. Corrections, additions or comments would be very welcome, please contact us!

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