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Checklist of the Isoptera of Oklahoma

Termites are common and abundant in almost all areas of Oklahoma. However, only a few species of subterranean termites do the large amounts of damage commonly seen in homes and other structures. It appears that only 5 species are native to Oklahoma and one of these probably does not infest buildings. Dampwood termites are occasionally shipped into Oklahoma in lumber from Oregon or California but they are not likely to establish here. Two species of drywood termites have been found. They do not appear to establish but may persist for some time (see Bieberdorf, 1958).


The following list is based on a paper by Brown et al. (2004). These authors conducted termite surveys, determined museum specimens and consolidated older reports.

Checklist and Bibliography of Oklahoma Isoptera

  • Kalotermitidae - drywood termites
  • Rhinotermitidae - subterranean termites
  • Termitidae - higher termites
  • Termopsidae - rottenwood or dampwood termites


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