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Checklist of the Mecoptera of Oklahoma

The order Mecoptera (scorpionflies and hangingflies) is a small but ancient group of insects with only 80+ species known to occur in North America. Fossils of true Mecoptera are first found in the Lower Permian (perhaps as much as 275 million years ago). The two recent families found in Oklahoma were present by the Tertiary (about 50 million years ago).


Only 9 species of Mecoptera have been found in Oklahoma. Other species are found in the western United States or in the eastern and northeastern states. Only a few of the eastern species have been found as far west as eastern Oklahoma.

Checklist and Bibliography of Oklahoma Mecoptera

  • Bittacidae - hangingflies
  • Panorpidae - scorpionflies


This checklist is anything but complete. Corrections, additions or comments would be very welcome, please contact us! 

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