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Checklist of the Neuropteroid Orders of Oklahoma

The neuropteroid insects are a rather small group; only about 350 species are known to occur in North America. They are usually divided into three orders. The Megaloptera (alderflies and dobsonflies) has less than 50 U. S. species and the Raphidioptera (snakeflies) has less than 20 species. The remaining species are placed in the order Neuroptera.

The following checklist has records of 10 species of Megaloptera, 1 species of Raphidioptera and 47 species of Neuroptera known to occur in Oklahoma. Additional species of Neuroptera probably occur here as most of the families are almost entirely unstudied in the state.

Checklist and Bibliography of Oklahoma Neuropteroid Orders

  • Megaloptera - Alderflies, Dobsonflies
  • Corydalidae ... (dobsonflies, fishflies)
  • Sialidae ... (alderflies)
  • Neuroptera - Lacewings, Owlflies, Mantidflies, Antlions
  • Ascalaphidae ... (owlflies)
  • Berothidae ... (beaded lacewings)
  • Chrysopidae ... (green lacewings)
  • Coniopterygidae ... (dusky-wings)
  • Dilaridae ... (pleasing lacewings)
  • Hemerobiidae ... (brown lacewings)
  • Mantispidae ... (mantidflies)
  • Myrmeleontidae ... (antlions)
  • Sisyridae ... (spongillaflies)
  • Raphidioptera - Snakeflies
  • Raphidiidae ... (snakeflies)


This checklist is anything but complete. Corrections, additions or comments would be very welcome, please contact us!

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