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Checklist of the Thysanoptera of Oklahoma

The thrips of Oklahoma are not well known. The present list includes only 59 species and several of these are partially or doubtfully determined. In contrast, there are about 200 species recorded from Illinois (Stannard, 1968). Many of these should also occur in Oklahoma. I have found only 8 papers that deal primarily with thrips in Oklahoma and 4 of these are concerned with the tobacco thrips and other species in peanuts. Other papers list species in alfalfa, tallgrass prairie and forage grasses. The eastern forested areas of the state are not represented in any of these publications. 

Checklist and Bibliography of Oklahoma Thysanoptera

  • Aeolothripidae - aeolothripid thrips
  • Heterothripidae - heterothripid thrips
  • Thripidae - common thrips
  • Phlaeothripidae - phlaeothripid thrips


This checklist is anything but complete. Corrections, additions or comments would be very welcome, please contact us!

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