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Checklist of the Trichoptera of Oklahoma

The Caddisflies of Oklahoma were poorly known for many years. As late as 1970, only about 50 species had been reported from the state. Most of these were in various publications by H. H. Ross. Several studies over the past 30 years have greatly increased the number of species known to occur in the state. Bowles and Mathis (1992) reported on the caddisflies of eastern Oklahoma and gathered the old records of Ross and others. Moulton and Stewart (1996) also reported on the caddisflies of eastern Oklahoma and added new records. Kondratieff et al. (2005) reported on the caddisflies of Comanche County in southwestern Oklahoma. These three papers form the basis for the current list. At present, there are 165 species reported from Oklahoma. These species are placed in 49 genera and 16 families. Additional species can be expected. At least one study is still underway and the species occurring in northern and western Oklahoma have not been studied to any great extent.

Checklist and Bibliography of Oklahoma Trichoptera

  • Brachycentridae - brachycentrid caddisflies
  • Dipseudopsidae - tube-making caddisflies
  • Glossosomatidae - saddle-case making caddisflies
  • Helicopsychidae - snail-case caddisflies
  • Hydropsychidae - net-spinning caddisflies
  • Hydroptilidae - microcaddisflies
  • Lepidostomatidae - lepidostomatid caddisflies
  • Leptoceridae - long-horned caddisflies
  • Limnephilidae - northern caddisflies
  • Molannidae - molannid caddisflies
  • Odontoceridae - odontocerid caddisflies
  • Philopotamidae - finger-net or silken-tube spinning caddisflies
  • Phryganeidae - large caddisflies
  • Polycentropodidae - trumpet-net & tent-making caddisflies
  • Psychomyiidae - tube-making caddisflies
  • Rhyacophilidae - primitive caddisflies


This checklist is anything but complete. Corrections, additions or comments would be very welcome, please contact us!

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