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The following OSU publications are available for purchase from Marketplace.

If you have any questions or problems with placing an order, please contact Stephanie Larimer (405) 744-5415.

Water-Efficient Landscapes for Oklahoma E-1051

This publication will assist the homeowner in designing a landscape that is attractive while eliminating wasteful water usage. The first portion of the booklet is focused on water-efficient design strategies using the Seven Principles of Xeriscaping. The second portion of the booklet is a guide to plants that perform well in Oklahoma and have low to moderate water requirements. The plants listed in this guide are targeted for Oklahoma City specifically, with many also suitable for the entire state of Oklahoma. All selections were chosen for their heat and drought tolerance, as well as commercial availability.


Handbook of Oklahoma Vineyard Establishment and Management E-1015

The handbook has 212 pages full of information with color photos, figures, tables, and drawings on how to grow grapes.


Oklahomans Guide to Growing Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables E-995

Understanding the basics of fruit, nut and vegetable production in Oklahoma can be challenging. This handbook was created as an easy-to-use reference for growers. Each section covers a variety of crops, and within those crops management issues such as varieties, soil preference, ideal growing conditions, establishment, fertilization, irrigation, pest management, harvest, shipping and storage conditions, and other helpful information are addressed specifically for Oklahoma growing areas, but can be applied to other states as well.


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