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Master of Science

The Master of Science in International Agriculture (M.S.I.A.) program accommodates those students who prefer to take theoretical courses preparing them for research. This program will provide students the theoretical, science, and research backgrounds necessary to design, implement, and manage agricultural programs in developed and developing countries. It allows participants to blend theory and practice to improve the lives of people.

Master of Agriculture

A Master of Agriculture in International Agriculture (M.A.I.A.) prepares candidates for positions in the public and private sectors related to international agricultural development and marketing. Graduates work in international agribusinesses, non-profit organizations, development agencies, government and diplomatic service, education, agricultural extension, agricultural trade associations and commodity groups and other positions in global agriculture.


International Agriculture Focus Areas

Rural Development

Focuses on improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas.


Agricultural Entrepreneurship

Focuses on the marketing and production of various agricultural products.


Agricultural Outreach Education and Extension

Focuses on connecting current agricultural practices, research, and technologies to farmers and communities in order to create better and more sustainable agricultural systems and productivity.

Community Engagement and Sustainability

Focuses on connecting the community to agricultural practices and programs to ensure they last for years to come with minimal social, environmental, or economic damage.

Production Agriculture and Food Security

Focuses on ensuring access to an adequate amount of nutritious foods through large-scale production agricultural practices

Customize Your Own

If your passion isn't listed don't worry. MIAP can help you customize a focus area for your educational and professional goals.

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