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Meet the People of International Agriculture

Dr. Karl Rich

545 Agricultural Hall
(405) 744-6638

Pam Bay

545 Agricultural Hall (405) 744-6638

Dr. Shida Henneberry

Regents Professor Emeritus

Meet the MIAP Graduate Students

Student Directory


Blaire Moore

My name is Blaire Moore and I am originally from southeast Iowa but just recently moved to Davis, Oklahoma. I spent the first two years of my undergrad experience at the University of Wyoming in Laramie and then transferred to Iowa State University where I received my Bachelors of Science in Animal Science. The MIAP program has been instrumental in the connections I've made and exposure to global insights. My focus area is in livestock production; the MIAP program has allowed me to build a personalized program while taking a wide array of animal science classes at Oklahoma State that further my passion for the agriculture industry. I work in the MIAP office in Ag Hall with the lovely Ms. Pam, feel free to stop by! 


Lacey Desserault

My name is Lacey Desserault, and I am a first year MIAP student focusing on food security and communications. I moved to Stillwater from Washington state where I grew up and received my Bachelor's degree. I am currently a graduate assistant for OSU Career Services. I love to travel and experience new cultures, especially surrounding the world of agriculture.
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Moriah Donica

My name is Moriah Donica. I am originally from a small town in southwest Missouri where I was raised on a small cattle operation and was involved heavily in agriculture. I grew up being involved with 4-H and showing livestock. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor's degree in animal science with an emphasis in production. I am continuing my education by getting my master's degree in International Agriculture with a focus on education and extension. My future goals include being able to share my love for the agricultural industry with the rest of the world. 

Cole Spain

My name is Cole Spain, of Castalia, Iowa. I grew up on a diverse crop and livestock farm in northeastern Iowa raising beef cattle, pigs, sheep, corn, hay, soybeans, and various small grains. In May of 2021, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Iowa State University in Agriculture and Life Sciences Education - Teacher Certification. I enjoy traveling, assisting on my family’s farm, and cheering on the Iowa State Cyclones! My future goals are to work within agricultural trade or teach agriculture education, and expand my showpig herd. 

Kelli Wicks

My name is Kelli Wicks and I am originally from a small town in central Iowa. I graduated from Iowa State University with my Bachelor's of Science in Agriculture & Society and International Agriculture. My interests in international agriculture arose after participating in The World Food Prize Foundation youth programs. I made the move to Stillwater because I was drawn to the diversity of MIAP, the outstanding faculty, and the networking opportunities available. My focus area is international development. I hope to someday be making an impact to build up countries, boost food security, enhance livelihoods, and increase trade amongst countries. 

Lia Mastronardi

I am midway through my MIAP graduate degree at Oklahoma State University. I majored in math in undergraduate and in national security affairs in graduate school prior to coming to OSU. I used to work in a scientific career field and even spent a summer at the CDC before going into the military field of analysis and international relations. I have worked overseas with other nations’ militaries as well. I am interested in helping purport the importance of sustainability as a ‘humane’ way of life. I also have interest in businesses being run well, that is, efficiently, and with care and consideration for the resources they use. My MIAP focus areas are policy analysis and international, sustainable business. Oklahoma State has a complement of outstanding professors and staff members dedicated to this field and has international connections in government and industry. 


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