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OSU Range Club is an inclusive, educational student organization striving to increase the knowledge of our members and the public on the proper management, preservation, benefits and uses of native rangelands.


Rangelands are native grasslands, shrublands, woodlands, and/or wetlands that are grazed by domestic livestock or wild animals. Types of rangelands include tallgrass and shortgrass prairies, desert grasslands and shrublands, woodlands, savannas, chaparrals, steppes and tundras. Benefits and uses of rangelands include cultural significance, open areas for recreation, water filtration and purification, carbon sequestration, habitat for wildlife, grazeable land for livestock production, biodiversity, and numerous others.


As a Member

OSU Range Club holds meetings twice a month, providing members a fun environment Range club members getting a tour of the Noble Research Institute.for peer-engagement, professional development, and networking opportunities. Students in OSU Range Club are members of the parent non-profit organization, The Society for Range Management (SRM).  Students engage with the national and state chapter professional members, compete in student competitions, and present undergraduate research at the SRM Annual Meeting and the Oklahoma Natural Resources Conference every spring semester.



  • Oklahoma Natural Resource Conference
  • Society for Range Management Annual Meeting
  • Oklahoma Natural Resources Conference
  • Bi-Weekly member meetings
  • Field trips-Ranch tour, botanizing, field skills practice, prescribed burning
  • Guest speakers-NRCS, SRM Board Member, Range Extension Specialist
  • Ferguson College of Agriculture and Natural Resource Ecology & Management Student activities


  • OSU Range Club T-shirts and Ball caps
  • Field Guide to Oklahoma Plants: Commonly Encountered Prairie, Shrubland, and Forest Species (2nd ed.). Authors: Tyrl, Bidwell, Masters, and Elmore.
  • “Burn Cedar” License Plates
  • OSU Range Management Trailboss Decal


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